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Riz Ahmed Wants Eminem to Write a Diss Track on Him

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Apparently, Riz Ahmed isn’t scared of Eminem and his roasts. In fact, it’s his life’s biggest dream to be dissed by him. I don’t blame him. It would truly be an honor to be dissed by the Slim Shady himself.

As Ahmed puts it:

“That’s when you know you’re important, you’ve made it.”

Just back in September, Eminem was part of the notorious public feud with fellow rapper Machine Gun Kelly. He dropped a single called ‘Killshot’, with the sole purpose of dissing his mortal enemies.

Riz Ahmed

As for British actor and rapper, Riz Ahmed, he landed two huge movie roles this year. He was cast in ‘The Sisters Brothers’ and the Marvel movie, ‘Venom’. But those weren’t his only achievements. He also made a comeback as a music artist with the release of his latest single ‘Mogambo’.

Ahmed Thinks Eminem Is Underrated

Recently, he was interviewed by Pitchfork as part of the Over/Under series. In the series, they ask celebrities to decide whether a random topic is over or underrated. Obviously, Slim Shady came up too. In the episode, he’s asked to rate E.T., Stormtroopers, and Eminem in 2018.

“Eminem in 2018 is underrated, man,” said the Venom star, without hesitation.

Then he continued, probably in reference to Eminem’s beef with Machine Gun Kelly:

“He’s still one of the greatest of all time, you can’t take that away from him. I’m glad to see him back out there just getting angry with people.”

And then, he personally invited Eminem to diss him, pointing out his stupid hat:

“My goal is for him to do a diss track about me. That’s when you know you’re important, you’ve made it. So Eminem man, there’s a lot of ammo here. I’m wearing a stupid hat here. You know, just get at me man.”

Ahmed’s Love for the Rapper

This isn’t the first time that Riz Ahmed has publicly declared his love for Eminem. Ahmed also spoke about the rap-god back in October during an interview with James Corden. He told the talk show host about the time he accidentally recorded an Eminem TV appearance over his parents’ wedding video. Moreover, he has also previously referred to himself as a “huge, huge Eminem fan”.

No wonder Ahmed wants to get dissed by the king himself.

And fortunately enough, since Eminem recently recorded a new song for Venom, he might already have an idea of who Riz Ahmed is. Realistically, it’s probably unlikely that he would dedicate an entire track to Ahmed. But maybe a line or two would do the job.

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