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Tana Mongeau reveals “gross” food confession which disgusts fans

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Tana Mongeau was once again a target for online criticism. However, this time she isn’t getting canceled, but rather being called “gross” after her latest confession. She revealed on Twitter that she ate the food that her ex-boyfriend Hunter Moreno would first chew and then spit in her for two weeks after getting temporary veneers. Most of the replies she got were of people hoping that it was one of Tana’s sick jokes, but she might not be kidding.

Tana is a very famous internet influencer and has 5 million subscribers on YouTube as well. She is often trending for one reason or another, especially because of her sometimes aberrant tweets. As a result, she’s often at the receiving end of some sort of backlash. But, she never shies away from saying things that are ‘too weird’ or ‘too bizarre’ for most people.

Once she was called out by fans for being friends with David Dobrik. Then, fans called him out when she brought a house from David as well. This was despite the fact that David and the Vlog Squad faced severe allegations of sexual assault and rape. However, Tana still stood by David’s side and persisted that he was just in bad company and nothing else. Now, however, the reason why she is in the news again is far less sinister but just gross.

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Tana Mongeau makes a confession and fans call her ‘gross’ for that

Tana Mongeau Reveals "Gross" Food Confession Which Disgusts Fans

Recently Tana put up a tweet saying she had temporary veneers for two weeks. And during that time, Hunter Moreno chewed her every meal and spit it into her mouth for her because she was unable to chew. She also appreciated Hunter in her tweet as well saying ‘he really said make sure your friends are okay’.

However, people were not very happy about Tana’s latest confession. Many people have been calling her ‘gross’ over her last Tweet. One user wrote:

You opened Twitter, you pressed “new tweet”, you typed this, you probably read it again for mistakes, and you hit “tweet”. Now you see there were multiple steps from stopping you to release this unnecessary information to the public.

I mean, Tana Mongeau must have heard of a liquid diet somewhere, right? We also found this tweet a bit weird like even if she did this, there was no need to make it public. People were sending her a lot of hate under her tweet, which was filled with memes of shock and disgust.

It doesn’t end here. The meme game was on-point:

Tana Mongeau did not say anything after this tweet but we really want to ask her what was the reason for the tweet? Do you think it was okay for her to tweet that because it’s her account, or do you think she should have kept it to herself? Let us know in the comments.

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