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Doja Cat admits her merchandise is not good after getting criticism

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You might have heard Doja Cat’s new album Planet Her. We are currently obsessed with it, and so are millions of others. Moreover, Doja also launched the merch of the album as well. But, it did not receive the same reception as did her album. People are voicing their opinions on social media, saying Doja’s new merch is not good. And what’s even more surprising is that Doja completely agrees with them!

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Doja Cat admits her merchandise is not good after getting criticism

Doja released her new album a few weeks ago and fans went crazy (including us). The cover art, the collabs, the lyrics, and the music, everything is on point, just like Doja likes it. It’s no secret that her new album is trending these days but the merch of the album? Not so much. Alongside her album, Doja launched Planet Her-themed merchandise as well and people think it’s not good at all. I mean if you look at the designs, you would probably say the same.

People even asked Doja that who is designing this merchandise because it’s so bad…

However, it looks like Doja herself doesn’t know who is designing her new merch, Doja replied to the tweet and said ‘I don’t know’:

Doja Cat agrees that her Planet Her merch is bad

The criticism doesn’t end here. People even thought that it was ridiculous to charge 35$ for a hat that looked so obnoxious, and they are not wrong there. I mean, no joke, We love Doja but no way are we buying this…

This exchange is turning out to be fun now. Doja Cat again replied and said ‘I undestand’. Well, we’re glad she understands. A self-aware queen she is, am I right?

Anyway, if you go through Twitter, you will find various tweets where people are criticizing Doja’s new merchandise. While people were talking about Doja’s merch, they criticized Billie Eilish’s new merch as well. Some even mockingly said that Billie got her inspiration from Doja’s Planet Her merch. Finally succumbing to public pressure, Doja put up a tweet in which she openly admitted:

What are your thoughts on the merch? Let us know in the comments below.

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