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Jake Paul says boxing saved his life

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Jake Paul was a guest at the ‘Subject To Change’ podcast recently. You might remember Jake as the YouTube star but his focus has shifted from YouTube to boxing in the last few months. He is following his elder brother’s footsteps and pursued boxing in a serious manner, albeit keeping the banter alive. On the podcast, however, Jake explained that he had a special relationship with the sport, saying that when he felt lost, boxing helped him save his life.

The Paul Brothers are very famous, with both of them having successful careers on YouTube. Before stepping into the boxing ring, Jake and Logan Paul were mostly restricted to YouTube and related content creation. And then, the craze of boxing swept them. First, Logan decided that he wanted to shift his focus to boxing then the younger Paul brother soon followed. Logan and Jake have stepped into the ring against many professional boxers like Floyd Mayweather. Moreover, Jake is all set to have a boxing match against Tyron Woodley next month. But, there is more to boxing than just a sport for Jake Paul.

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Jake Paul said that when he felt lost, boxing helped him

Jake Paul says boxing saved his life

We can see that passion for boxing in Jake Paul just like his elder brother. He has great love for the sport and there are some deeply personal reasons for that love. Jake was recently invited to the ‘Subject To Change’ podcast where he opened up about how boxing saved his life. Jake was asked if he believed in fate and he replied:

Yeah, I do. I believe, you know, there’s chosen people in this world who have special destinies and special paths. I believe I was chosen 100% by the higher powers to live and fulfill this destiny for a higher purpose.

Jake also added that the higher purpose for him is to inspire kids who come from humble backgrounds like him to pursue their dreams and not let anyone stop them. He also said that boxing saved his life and that he did not know who he was and he did not have a purpose in LA. He felt lost and boxing got him focused. Jake said:

And to take up the sport of boxing because it helped save my life. You know, I didn’t know who I was, I didn’t have purpose in LA, I felt lost, and boxing got me on the straight and narrow.

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