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Jake Paul & Logan Paul go viral on TikTok after claims of running for President

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The Paul brothers have been the center of attention for quite a time now. Both the brothers are YouTubers-turned boxers and kicked it on the boxing field. However, now it looks like the two might be giving politics a try. Jake Paul is going viral on TikTok after saying that he and his older brother Logan Paul might be running for United States President in 2032!

Almost every social media user is familiar with the Paul brothers. Jake and Logan started their careers as YouTubers but now are quite seriously invested in the world of boxing. Logan recently fought boxing legend, Floyd Mayweather. Whereas, Jake was also trending on social media for clapping back at Conor McGregor after Conor called the Paul brothers ‘dingbats’. He also has a match with professional boxer Tyrone Woodley lined up, and everyone is excited about it.

Jake and Logan take every step with the mindset that they can do anything. Starting from Ohio to now stepping into the ring with Floyd Mayweather and Tryon Woodley, the boys have come a long way. But, they might have plans to go even further, like the White House!

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Jake Paul says that he and his brother will be running for President

Jake Paul & Logan Paul go viral on TikTok after claims of running for President

I think we can say that there is nothing the Paul brothers are not willing to try. They took over the world of social media and now are storming the world of boxing. But, they’re not ones to settle. What are their plans for the future? We don’t know about Logan Paul but the younger Paul brother definitely has big plans up ahead.

Jake Paul was having a conversation with Overtime where he was asked who was more likely to become President between himself and NBA star LeBron James. Paul said that he and his brother will be running for President when they come of age. Jake said in the interview:

I’m running for President, but I’m not even 35 yet. My brother and I are running for President in 2032. That’s when we’ll be eligible

Jake was also asked if the Paul brothers will be running against each other for the seat. To that, Jake replied that they’d decide which one of them would actually be President while the other one acts as their running-mate. We appreciate the enthusiasm of Jake Paul, but do you think he has it in him to run for president and then to run a county> It’s not like running a country is a child’s play. But ever since Donald Trump won in 2016, you can never say anything for certain. Tell us in the comments below about what you think.

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