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Jim Carrey Responds to Ted Cruz

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The political cartoonist Jim Carrey who has always been an open critic of Trump has now launched attack on Ted Cruz. He blasted the Republican senator from Texas up for re-election in a tweet he sent out on the eve of the election day. Carrey had always been expressive of his open support for Ted’s democratic rival. But things got much more intense when Jim Carrey made a political cartoon implying that the President had hold of Ted Cruz by the “pussy”. Maybe, Carrey fired back only because Ted Cruz picked out on his art.

What Really Happened?

On Monday, Ted Cruz reacted to Carrey’s artwork which depicted that the senator was a vampire disintegrating in sunlight. So, Cruz responded saying that Jim Carrey has made a mistake. Vampires are dead, and everybody knows that the dead vote for the democrats. Carrey slammed back reminding Ted Cruz that Trump called his wife ugly and blamed his dad for murder. But Carrey went a bit too far, adding that Trump grabbed the senator by the “pussy”.

Jim Carrey was making a direct reference to the fact that Cruz and President Trump were known for bitter rivalry. But ahead of the US midterms, they decided to get on good terms together. Something that Cruz has been facing scrutiny for.

Now that they have mended ties, Cruz automatically comes in the fold for Jim Carrey. The actor has previously launched a series of unflattering political cartoons all based on Trump or his cruel policies. But the Senator just got recently dragged into the battle. Although he went on a strong defense with his tweet bashing the cartoon, when it comes to rivalry Jim Carrey has no match. And it’s very hard for any senator to take him down. Maybe, Trump should teach Ted Cruz that!

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