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Trisha Paytas apologizes to TikToker Loren Gray

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Trisha Paytas has been a part of a lot of celebrity dramas over the years. Their recent drama, however, involves the TikToker Loren Gray. Paytas said once that nobody knows who Loren Gray is, insinuating that she is not popular at all. But now, they have apologized to Loren for saying she was “the girl that no one knows” and said that they actually knew her for some time.

Trisha had some drama going on with Ethan Klein in the past when they left the Frenemies podcast. That podcast ended when Trisha left abruptly after a public feud during the podcast related to the staff and pay. As a result, Frenemies came to an end and feuded on Twitter quite publicly. Since then, however, the two have not Trisha was never seen with Ethan so we are guessing things are still bad between the two.

On the other hand, Loren Gray is a famous TikToker with a following of 50 Million on the social media platform. She was once TikTok’s most-followed content creator but was overtaken by Charlie D’Amelio when they stepped into the world of TikTok. However, despite such a huge following, Trisha said some negative things about Charlie once but they apologized for it later in her podcast but looks like they want to apologize to one other famous TikToker as well.

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Trisha Paytas apologized to Loren Gray

Trisha Paytas apologizes to TikToker Loren Gray

Paytas once said that no one knows Loren Gray who is a TikTok. Obviously, Loren is very famous these days but at the beginning of her career, she was not that well-known. This is when Trisha talked negatively about Loren. In a video that Trisha Paytas recently posted on TikTok, they apologized to Loren for saying that about her. They started by saying:

Okay, apology of the day goes to Loren Gray. I am just an a**hole sometimes, I say stuff to be funny, or edgy. I knew Loren, I know Loren.

Trisha also added that they knew Loren at the time when they made this comment about her. They further admitted to following Loren’s TikTok forever and that both even went to the same trainer for a while. Loren has not said anything about this situation, but Trisha did add that they were grateful for Loren for being “sweet and classy,” adding that her comments weren’t to be taken personally.

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