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Dream says PewDiePie used his cheating scandal for “clickbait” videos

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Dream spoke up about the recent PewDiePie’s take on his cheating controversy. Dream, who is a Minecraft superstar, said that PewDiePie used his cheating scandal to make clickbait videos. However, he also said that he once used PewDiePie for clickbait as well when he was a smaller creator. Seems like Dream got what he deserved, I guess? Let’s see what the full story is.

Dream had a small following when he started his Minecraft career on YouTube, but he has come a long way since then. He now has over 24 million subscribers and is one of the biggest YouTubers on the platform. Anyway, looks like PewDiePie and Dream might have some drama going on after PewDiePie’s video that he posted on July 15. The video is titled ‘Top 10 Streamers Caught Cheating’ and it already has over 3 Million views. Pew mentions Dream’s cheating scandal in the video but doesn’t really spend that much time discussing that. In the video, Pew says that Dream shouldn’t have cheated but he isn’t as bad as other cheaters though.

Looks like the video was becoming the talk of the town and it did not evade Dream’s eyes. He decided it is time to address the elephant in the room, but in a rather cute way without any acrimony.

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Dream says PewDiePie used his ‘cheating scandal’ for clickbait videos

Dream says PewDiePie used his cheating scandal for “clickbait” videos

Dream tweeted about Felix’s recent video, saying that he wasn’t really mad at PewDiePie for using him for clickbait because he said that he has done the same as well. He tweeted:

Starts with me using PewDiePie for clickbait and ends up with him using me for clickbait POG. The circle of YouTube

However, Dream simultaneously clarified that he has no hard feelings against Felix whatsoever and that his fans need to chill a bit.

In his early days, Dream used Pew for clickbait to attack more views. But, it’s actually incredible to him that now he is so big in the game that PewDiePie is using him for clickbait videos. If you go through Dream’s channel, you will see that he has about 5 videos that mention PewDiePie in the title, so this seems like a fair game. Dream also cleared that he was not mad at PewDiePe for using his name.

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