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Tana Mongeau calls out fans showing up to her new home she bought from David Dobrik

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As we all know Tana Mongeau is friends with David Dobrik and she recently bought a house from him which is apparently haunted.

You guys might know David as well. He is a member of the ‘Vlog Squad’. He is also a very famous YouTuber who is known for giving free Teslas to his fans and friends. But because of some recent controversies, he had to go on a social media hiatus. After he made his comeback some weeks ago, Tana was spotted multiple times with him on social media. A lot of fans were not happy with Tana for hanging out with David because of the recent allegations.

Not long after that Tana announced that she bought a house from David. Was this the reason Tana was hanging out with David in the first place or is she genuinely his friend? No clues but we do have some updates on Tana’s new house. By the way, she also mentioned that the house is haunted in her tweet.

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Tana Mongeau calls out fans for showing up at her house!

Tana Mongeau calls out fans showing up to her new home she bought from David Dobrik

Fans showing up at celebrities’ houses has been a real issue since forever. Tana has been dealing with the same issue we think. In a recent tweet, Tana asked people to stop showing up at her house. She sounded pretty angry in her tweet. Maybe she is sick of people showing up at her house unannounced. I mean, no one wants that right? Everybody loves their privacy and fans should at least try to give some privacy and space to social media celebrities. But people in her comments think otherwise.

People told Tana that if she didn’t want people showing up at her house maybe she shouldn’t have revealed it on the internet in the very first place.

Some people even asked Tana to keep some things ‘private’ if she doesn’t want people to show up at her house. Mostly, people were just criticizing Tana Mongeau for bragging about her new house on the internet and then complaining about it later.

It’s not like everyone was criticizing Tana. Many people supported her as well. Many of her fans said in the comments that it’s common decency to not show up at someone’s house even if they have posted about it on the internet. We love people supporting Tana because it really is a matter of human decency and everyone should know better than to just show up at someone’s place without informing them.

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