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Rihanna Sends President Trump Legal Warning

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President Donald Trump has reportedly been using Rihanna’s music at his rallies. But now the singer decided to put an end to this and that too legally. Rihanna has issued Trump a cease-and-desist letter asking him to stop playing her music. Apparently, the pop star got to know about this episode through Twitter. Now that her legal team has sent a letter to the White House, Rihanna intends to ensure her music is no longer used at Trump rallies which she regards as ‘tragic’.

What Did Trump Do To Rihanna?

On Sunday,  a Twitter post alerted Rihanna that President Trump had played her 2007 hit Don’t Stop The Music at an event in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Frankly speaking, the singer is no fan of the US President. She even believes that his rallies are just tragic. She claimed that he won’t be able to use her music for much longer. Later, it was revealed that Rihanna has issued a cease-and-desist message to Trump. And asked him to discontinue using her music for his political rallies.

Her legal team has officially sent a letter to the White House which states that,

It has come to our attention that President Trump has utilized (Rihanna’s) musical compositions and master recordings, including her hit track Don’t Stop The Music, in connection with a number of political events held across the United States.

It also addresses the singer with her surname Fenty and establishes that President Trump does not have permission to use her music. Rihanna opposes this because Trump using her music implies that she supports him, which she doesn’t. There is no arguing that Rihanna does not support the US President. In fact, she has already expressed support for Andrew Gillum, the Democratic candidate for the governor of Florida in the US midterms. She has even urged her followers to make history in the election.

Rihanna however is not the first celebrity to object to Trump using their music. Steven Tyler, Prince and Pharrell Williams are all in the list.

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