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Pete Davidson’s Offensive Joke Gets Mature Response By Dan Crenshaw

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Political tensions are soaring high on election day of the US mid-terms and everyone is urging people to vote. For several months, November 6th has been on the minds of everyone, especially Hollywood. Celebrities are out there encouraging people to vote, left and right (pun intended). Even comedy shows are incorporating this event into their jokes. Yet, a joke Pete Davidson made on SNL earned him a lot of backlash. Though, Pete receives a mature response from the target of the joke: Dan Crenshaw, the congressional candidate in Texas.

What Pete Davidson Did

So, Pete Davidson made an offensive joke on SNL calling republican candidate Dan Crenshaw something inappropriate. After declaring Dan Crenshaw “kinda cool”, he compared his physical appearance to that of a “hit man in a porno movie”. Not the wisest words to come out of Pete’s mouth clearly. He apologized right after while laughing and added the words,

“I know he lost his eye in war, or whatever. Whatever.”

Oh Pete, if only you didn’t signify your indifference to the war veteran who literally lost his eye in a terrorist attack. Even that sorry couldn’t prepare one for that harsh line.

Granted, the comedian would not have wanted to harm any war veteran or dismiss their services for the country. But he couldn’t find the boundaries of comedy while going about his skit. SNL has long been known to push lines when it comes to their humor. Perhaps, Pete was emotionally confused as Ariana Grande’s latest track “thank u, next” , which features his name, dropped just a few moments before the episode of SNL went live. But Pete managed to handle that with care and maturity.

And lucky for him, Dan Crenshaw took on a mature attitude towards the whole situation while still being honest about his feelings.

Dan Crenshaw Doesn’t Get Defensive

The congressional candidate running for the race in Texas just found the skit odd and a bit dark, he reveals in a CNN interview. Though, he did point out how hurt he felt when a whole audience found the wounds of war veterans hilarious. Dan urges SNL to rethink their jokes and the consequences their words have on people. However, he doesn’t want to demand an apology from Pete who himself lost his father in the 9/11 attacks.

“I think he’s exposed himself for who he really is. I wish him well.”

What’s more is that the Democrat candidate running against Crenshaw in the US midterms, Todd Litton chimed in saying that even he hopes that SNL doesn’t find the wounds of war veterans as something to be joked about.

Crenshaw Asks SNL and Davidson to Donate $1 Million for Veterans

The congressional candidate had an idea which was definitely better than any apology the comedian or the network could give. He suggested that the entire team gather up a sum of money, preferably a million, and donate it to something that helps veterans. The donations could go to non-profit organizations that have the primary aim to assist the brave soldiers who served in the army.

“There’s a lot of veterans that really need help, and frankly, this kind of thing is offensive to them. They feel laughed at.”

More on Dan Crenshaw

Here are a couple of things that you should know about Crenshaw. He was a Navy SEAL who did about five tours of duty and lost his eye during an IED blast in 2012 at Afghanistan. After recovery, he did two more tours. The war veteran went on to receive 2 Bronze stars, the Purple Heart and the Navy Commendation Medal with Valor after his retirement.

Important thing to note is that he supports Donald Trump’s policy of deploying troops to the border on the south. He thinks it will help avoid illegal immigrants from entering the country.

“If you simply allow that to happen or we pretend that there’s just nothing to see down there, then we’re setting a precedent. We’re setting a dangerous precedent where there are no laws enforced in our country.”
So, it’s your opinion to like or dislike Dan Crenshaw or the joke Pete Davidson made. And it’s definitely your right to vote in the US mid-terms. We hope that you make it count. Issues like taking care of war veterans, healthcare, immigration, women’s rights and gun laws are all something that are going to affect the country in major ways.
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