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Jaclyn Hill responds to the backlash on the kidnapping incident

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Jaclyn Hill is a famous beauty influencer and a proud owner of Jaclyn Cosmetics. She has been a part of many controversies and has stayed in news more often than some other beauty influencers. The makeup artist recently claimed that she met with a traumatizing incident on the night of July 11th. She shared this news on Twitter with her followers about the horrific experience she had to go through over the weekend. She disclosed that 2 men tried to pull her inside a car. She insinuated that it was a kidnapping attempt.

Recently, the Youtuber was under fire due to the non-inclusiveness of the bronzers that she launched under her brand’s name. Jaclyn Hill is not new to conspiracies. She has faced her fair share of backlash in her YouTube career. Before the bronzer debacle, she was bashed for selling badly formulated lipsticks that reportedly inflamed people’s lips and caused a bunch of other problems. Also, some buyers complained that they found hair-like things stuck on the lipsticks that she sold.

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Jaclyn Hill’s controversial past led to people doubting her kidnapping story

Jaclyn is known for staying in controversies so naturally, she received backlash when she divulged what had happened with her that night. While some people believed and commiserated with her, some did not buy it. People claimed that she made it all up to gain clout like she always has. They speculated that it cannot be a coincidence that something of this nature happens with her just when she is being dragged for her poor choice of bronzer shades. The majority believes that she is doing this just to divert people’s attention for which she has always been known.

Jaclyn didn’t take any time and responded to the people who didn’t believe her. The influencer said while expressing her emotions:

“Seeing people say that I’m doing this for attention has got me so livid I can’t even put it into words. I am so angry over this, people who are accusing me of lying about a guy grabbing me.”

The influencer addressed the claims by the haters who are doubting her story

The makeup artist explained it on Instagram what had happened that night and how it left her traumatized. She shared how perturbed and livid she is to see people not believe what she divulged. And expressed her anger in a tweet and clapped back at the haters for wrongly accusing her:

“Just over the thought of what could have happened, and then there are people out here saying that I would lie about this. It just says so much more about your character than it does about mine. Like, how do you lie about something like this? I just don’t understand; it’s got me so angry because of people like you who are accusing me of lying; because of people like you; women don’t come forward when bad things happened.”

She further added:

Jaclyn put the blame on haters who didn’t support her and blamed them for making the victims & survivors of such incidents feel bad for what happened to them by denying their truth.

“It’s got me so angry, and it’s because of people like you — when I say ‘people like you,’ I’m talking about the people who are accusing me of lying — it’s because of people like you that women don’t come forward when bad things happen.”

While some people tried to prove her insincere, she managed to touch hearts of many other people. They came for her support and encouraged her for speaking up on this matter.

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