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Florence Pugh pays respect to ‘Black Widow’ stunt team

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Florence Pugh, who is co-starring in the movie ‘Black Widow’ recently posted on her Instagram, and the movie’s stunt team must have loved it. In the post, she paid respect to the stunt team on Black Widow and called them ‘kind and cool family to have on set’.

We have all heard about Black Widow, haven’t we? Black Widow is one of the founding members of the MCU Avengers, and Scarlett Johansson has always done justice to this character. However, Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow) tragically died at the end of Avengers: Endgame, and fans believed she deserved a better send-off. And so, she finally got her own much-deserved solo film. Black Widow is in the theatres as we speak, but Scarlett will be saying goodbye to Marvel once and for all. Even though Scarlett said she has moved on, but leaving Marvel was very bittersweet for her. Florence Pugh plays the part of Yelena, who is the younger sister of Natasha Romanoff.

In Black Widow Yelena decides to join Natasha to take down Dreykov’s empire. Their mission reunites them with their parents, who started training them for Dreykov years ago. The storyline, the characters, and the cinematography are going to be memorable, by the looks of it. Furthermore, we are really looking forward to seeing the two queens together on the big screen. Moreover, a team of stunts were required to make this movie and Florence decided to pay respect to the stunt team.

Florence Pugh paid respect to Stunt Team

Florence Pugh pays respect to 'Black Widow' stunt team
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In her post on Instagram, Florence decided to pay respect to the stunt team because of their incredible work. She posted a picture of her stunt double and wrote in the caption that they are only days away from the release of the movie. She also said that when she got the job, she wanted to be completely prepared for it. Florence Pugh said that she was in the Pinewood stunts warehouse with talented athletes every day just watching and learning. Florence further added:

 They really are incredible. They are the coolest and most hard working people on any set, 1st Unit, 2nd Unit, stunts Unit and they stay after you leave and train with you on days off. 

In the post, she thanked her stunt double as well, saying at the end of her post:

I have so many more wonderful pictures of the stunts team on this film, it was such a kind and cool family to have on set. Shout out to them and how hard they work on every production.

Black Widow’s time in the MCU may be over, but the MCU still goes on. We have a LOT of films in Phase 4 waiting for us and it’s safe to say that Marvel will likely never disappoint. Whether we’ll see more of Florence in Phase 4 is still not certain, however.

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