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Lil Baby claps back at Logan Paul a year after he berated his music

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American rapper Lil Baby finally clapped back at Logan Paul after a year. In 2020, Logan trashed Lil’s music on the ImPAULsive Podcast, and the rapper did not forget about it even after months passed by.

There’s drama between celebrities again! This time it’s the famous rapper “Lil Baby” Dominique Jones and Youtuber/social media influencer- turned boxer Logan Paul. If you are into music, then you might know Lil Baby as he is kind of famous in rap music these days. His songs ‘On Me’ and ‘Sum 2 Prove’ are two of his best works since he rose to fame in 2017. A year ago, Logan did not think that Jones would last in this music field for a long while. In 2020, Paul made some comments on the rapper’s music in his Impaulsive podcast, saying that Lil is a ‘mumble rapper’. While talking about Jones’s music he said

Bro, I’m gonna say it right now. Lil Baby, he’ll pop up on my Spotify, and… I can’t f**king get away from Lil Baby songs. I’m all for the new artists, but this one in particular, I have no idea what he’s saying. I have none. It all sounds the same. His tone is the same. It’s all the same. I give him a year.

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Lil Baby clapped back at Logan Paul

Lil Baby claps back at Logan Paul a year after he berated his music

Jones did not comment on this a year ago and thought it would be best to stay quiet. Looks like, even after Logan’s comments, Lil has stayed in the music field for a year. After a year, Baby decided it was time to clap back at Logan. Baby tweeted some things that were directed at Logan Paul. In a since-deleted tweet, Lil Baby said:

Logan who? More like give em a year to have 100ms

Well looks like Lil Baby proved Logan wrong but Logan was quick to realize his mistake. After baby’s tweet, Logan also decided it was time to tweet, but instead poked fun at himself. In his tweet, he agreed to Jones’s tweet and said that he was wrong about him:

Looks like both of them are on good terms now since Logan has agreed to his mistake. We wish nothing but success and happiness to Lil Baby.

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