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John Oliver Finally Bashes Donald Trump’s Policy of Separating Families

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John Oliver, The–world-famous- HBO’s host –from “Last Week Tonight”, condemns President Donald Trump for the policy of separating families at the border.

Why John-Oliver Slams President Donald Trump?

The show anchor objected Trump’s immigration policy in his famous TV show, “Last Week Tonight”. The Sunday episode of the show opposed Trump’s separation policy. Oliver openly accused Trump’s deliberate attempt of separating families. Moreover, the host criticized President Donald Trump’s administration for ignoring this sensitive yet highly controversial matter.

This May, the government has announced a severe action against prohibited crossings at the Mexican border. This strict action resulted in the imprisonment of an illegal immigrant. Consequently, action leads to the separation of parents and children.

As an alternative, keeping these illegal immigrants along with their families in the detention centers would be a reasonable solution.

President Donald Trump’s Zero-Tolerance Policy of Separating Families is intolerable!

The policy of separating families began after the announcement of a new “zero tolerance” policy by Attorney General Jeff Sessions. The policy is referring to all border crossings for federal criminal prosecution.

Clearly, the consequences of such implementations lead to a miserable outcome. Innocent children got separated from their parents, as their parents are sent to jail.

Oliver also commented on Trump’s denial of launching this separation policy. Moreover, he said that President Trump has put the blame on Democrats.

John Oliver later displayed a CNN clip of Trump’s comments,

“[The immigration laws] were given to us and forced upon us by the Democrats. The Democrats gave us the laws.”

Oppositely, the host severely criticized Trump’s proclamation.

Oliver said,

”Democrats did not give them these laws. Because there is no law that suddenly requires separating parents from their children. This was the result of a deliberate policy choice by Jeff Sessions”.

The TV Show host added,

“You shouldn’t be able to lose children in a government system as easily as in a Chuck E Cheese ball pit,”

Moreover, he exhibited a footage to prove his statement. In this clip, John called out babies by their names to see who responded.

John Oliver Says The Consequences Of Trump’s Policy Are Dire

The Host explained about the footage,

“Anyone who calls a baby’s name and then gives up on finding them either knows nothing about babies or is covering for a baby who doesn’t actually want to be reached,”

Oliver is quite concerned that how these missing children will cope with the trauma.
John Oliver mournfully responded,

“Lasting damage to children is a huge consequence. You’re separating them from their parents. You are not telling them you ate all their Halloween candy to get on Jimmy fucking Kimmel.”

And with this John Oliver once again proved why the people of America really need to vote today! Let’s see what’s next for the state of the country.

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