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Paul Rudd once sneakily gave Seth Rogen a massage!

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Seth Rogen recently revealed something surprising in his tweet. He said that his good friend and another famous Paul Rudd sneakily gave him a massage once, and he didn’t even realize it until later.

You all know who Paul Rudd is, right? Let us just tell you a little about the famous Hollywood actor. Paul is not only an actor but he is a producer and screenwriter as well. Paul even studied theatre at the University of Kansas, making him quite an educated actor in the field. He made his acting debut in 1992 and has since starred in many famous like Ant-Man in the MCU, Clueless, and many other. He even starred in some episodes of the famous show FRIENDS, as Some of you might remember him as Phoebe Buffay’s boyfriend.

On the other hand, Rogen has quite a versatile skill set as well, ranging from acting, filmmaking, and writing, but what Seth is famous for is his comedy. He started his career as a stand-up comedian in Vancouver and has since come a long way from being a stand-up comedian to an actor and a writer. He surely has worked in his life to be where he is right now.

The two have also starred frequently in films together, having done the 40-Year-Old Virgin, Anchorman, and Knocked Up together. Needless to say, both of them have quite a special bond and are close friends. So much so that Paul even sneakily gave a massage to Seth, without the former noticing.

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Paul Rudd gave Seth Rogen a massage!

Paul Rudd once sneakily gave Seth Rogen a massage!
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Everybody in Hollywood is very much familiar with how close Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen are. Seth recently revealed a very surprising thing about their friendship, and it’s lowkey hilarious. He recently tweeted that Paul Rudd once gave him a massage, and he didn’t realize it until much later, saying:

Once I was in the spa in a hotel in Vegas getting a massage. When I finished I turned over and to my shock Paul Rudd was massaging me. He saw me go in and convinced the masseuse to let him take over, thinking I’d notice immediately. I didn’t, and Paul did the entire rest of it.

Under his tweet, Jeremy Wein jokingly said:

Are we sure this wasn’t a weed induced hallucination Seth?

To which Seth replied:

I’m sure Paul would confirm it.

This really is an interesting side of their relationship that Seth revealed. Paul Rudd has not talked about this yet but we are waiting to hear what Paul has to say about this massage that he gave to Seth.

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