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Tana Mongeau buys a house from David Dobrik, and it’s apparently haunted

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Tana Mongeau bought a house from David Dobrik. But, it looks like it wasn’t a 100% favorable transaction, as she thinks it’s haunted. She also defended him when people accused him and his team members of sexual assault.

It’s quite obvious that Tana and David are actually very good friends. There were many controversies about David and his team members sexually assaulting women who were working with his crew. There was also an accusation that one of David’s team members, Durte Dom, raped a girl who was filming for David’s crew. After all that, David started losing brand deals and people started cutting him off but it seems like Tana Mongeau is still sticking around with him. David went on a social media break after the allegations but he recently made his comeback.

After making a comeback, David was seen in one of Tana’s TikToks. Tana got a lot of backlash from people for hanging out with David. In the video, David was dancing with Tana and she captioned the video that he ‘made [her] birthday so special’. When people flooded Tana’s comments with hate and asked him why is she hanging out with him, she replied:

Don’t even start in the comments. He had bad people around him & cut them off & apologized and took full accountability. An amazing human that I love and will always be grateful for. Deplatform the actual people who are terrible individuals.

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Was Tana Mongeau defending David because she was going to buy a house from him?

While defending her own actions and David Dobrik, Tana told her fans that he took full accountability and he is now a better human being. However, not long after that post, Tana Mongeau revealed that she bought a house from David Dobrik. Was she only defending David so he can get a good deal on his old house? Tana Mongeau recently tweeted in which she said that she never thought she would be buying a house from David Dobrik:

i never thought in a million years i’d be buying a house from david dobrik lmaoooo wtf like he’s my landlord rn i’m a little scared

Tana also thinks that the house she just bought is haunted. She tweeted

update i think this house is haunted smh

People may scream of cancel culture, but it seems like the powerful still get away with their crimes. Do you think Tana Mongeau is right to side with David Dobrik? If so, does David deserve to be back on YouTube and live life normally without consequences? Let us know in the comments below.

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