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Trisha Paytas says James Charles should be in jail for past controversies

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We are all aware of what James Charles has done in the past and the severe controversies he finds himself in. Now, famous influencer Trisha Paytas says that James should be in jail for what he did.

James Charles is a famous YouTuber and beauty mogul, famous for YouTube videos, makeup skills, and tutorials. At the start of 2021, James was accused of sexting with minors and since then he has been embroiled in several controversies. In April, James addressed the grooming allegations. He made a video in which he apologized for sexting with minors and then took a social media and YouTube hiatus. In the video, titled ‘holding myself accountable, he said that he was unaware that the people he was talking to were minors. James also said that he was misled about the boys’ age and he trusted the information that was given to him, adding that the conversations should never have happened.

After the video, the YouTuber went on a social media hiatus only to return to YouTube a few days ago. He posted another video in which he talked about the same allegations. The video was titled ‘An Open Conversation.’ This time, instead of apologizing, he completely refuted the claims and said he was being falsely accused. Furthermore, he even removed his previous apology video. As a result, he got a lot of criticism from multiple critics, including Trisha Paytas.

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Trisha Paytas wants James Charles in Jail

Trisha Paytas says James Charles should be in jail for past controversies

Trisha and James have always had some beef between them but that feud ended a while back somewhat amicably. But, now that James has been accused of something so sinister, do they stand with James? Certainly not. Trisha recently posted a video on YouTube in which they talked about James and the allegations.

In the video, Trisha Paytas said that everybody is asking them that James is coming back and does they want to comment on it. To which their fiance says ‘Who cares’ and Trisha agrees with him. Trisha also discussed the allegations against Bill Cosby and his release from jail. In the video, Trisha called James Charles ‘gross and creepy.’ They further said in the video:

He should go to prison …. but hey, he’s back on the internet

At the end of the video, Trisha Paytas said:

I don’t really have too many thoughts on it other than that he’s gross. What am I going to do? Make a video about that? You’re disgusting, you should not be on the internet.

What do you think of James Charles’ return? Do you agree with Trisha? Let us know in the comments below.

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