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People flood Kim Kardashian’s posts with #FreeBritney

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Many people have started flooding Kim Kardashian‘s pictures with #FreeBritney comments because people want Kim to speak up about Britney Spears.

We are all very well aware of what Britney has been going through. Fighting the conservatorship has been hard on her because of the horrible things she had to go through. Britney has been under conservatorship for a decade. The conservatorship is helmed by her father and recently, Britney spoke out about the hardships she has had to deal with. Her father has full control over Britney’s financial affairs, career, and even has bodily autonomy over the singer, as she can’t have her IUD removed without his permission. And after hearing her testimony, celebrities are flocking in support of Britney Spears, except Kim Kardashian.

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Throughout this ordeal, many celebrities have spoken up about the injustice Britney is going through because they think that Britney deserves justice. Andy Cohen, Justin Timberlake, Mariah Carey, Sarah Jessica Parker, Keke Palmer, and many more celebrities spoke up about Britney’s injustice and tweeted #FreeBritney, the fan-led campaign against Briney Spears’ conservatorship. While many celebrities have spoken about Britney, Kim Kardashian has not said anything yet.

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Kim Kardashian’s comment section is filled with #FreeBritney comments

People flood Kim Kardashian's posts with #FreeBritney
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Kim Kardashian periodically posts on Instagram has a huge following and massive clout. However, with Britney Spears suffering because of the conservatorship, she is silent. A lot of Kim’s fans expected her to speak up about Britney because it can have an impact in favor of the campaign. As a result, Kim’s comment section is filled with people asking her to speak up for Britney. People flooded her posts with #FreeBritney comments because they want her to break her silence on the matter. An Instagram user asked Kim to lend her voice to #FreeBritney. A user commented:

But what about Britney, Kim? Nothing to say?

It is baffling for many fans as to why Kim Kardashian is silent on the matter. There’s a lot happening with the case too, for instance, Britney’s manager resigning, the court denying her father’s removal from the conservatorship, and the revelation that Britney called 911 the night before her hearing. But, Kim is still silent. Will the fans’ outcry leave an impact on Kim and will she speak up about Britney or not? We will have to wait and see.

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