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Ryan Reynolds sobbed over Avengers: Endgame Fan Reaction videos

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Famous actor Ryan Reynolds revealed that he sobbed when he watched Avengers: Endgame fans reaction videos.

The Hollywood actor who is famous for his hot looks and mindblowing acting revealed that he sobbed when he watched the fans’ reaction videos of Avengers: Endgame. Ryan Reynolds is married to the very talented and beautiful actress Blake Lively, who is famous for her role as Serena Vander Woodsen in the popular teenage show Gossip Girl. These two are a dream couple and always hype each other up. However, they also try to humiliate each other on social media, but only with cute banter. Meanwhile, Ryan started his acting career from a teen soap opera Hillside but is most popularly known for the R-rated superhero blockbuster Deadpool. He was married to Scarlett Johansson before marrying Blake Lively.

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Ryan Reynolds sobbed over Fans Reaction Videos

Ryan Reynolds sobbed over Avengers: Endgame Fan Reaction videos

Underneath all those hot looks, Ryan is a human just like us. The actor has gone viral many times for many things. Mainly because of his humorous tweets about his friends and his spouse but this time it’s something a little different. Care to guess, what is it? This time the actor is going viral over his comment he once made to Total Film where he revealed that he sobbed watching the fans’ reaction videos to Avengers: Endgame. Ryan said in his interview:

Maybe I’m emotional because of everything that’s going on in the world, but I was sobbing this morning watching that. That is some of the most beautiful, big-budget action filmmaking that I’ve ever seen. That’s one thing I’m really looking forward to, and that I really miss – in a movie theatre and watching a movie that way. It’s a unique experience.

Honestly, we love to see celebrities showing emotions over things like these. It makes us feel that they are humans just like us. Furthermore, seeing the very humorous Ryan Reynolds showing emotion is a big thing for his fans. We hope that we get to see more celebrities be candid more frequently about their emotions.

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