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Elite Season four released this week and here is everything you need to know

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Elite season 4 was released last week on Netflix and everything has been talking about it. The season is full of drama, suspense, thrill, and what not – because of Elite teenagers.

Elite shows us the problems middle-class kids go through in their lives. In the show, three kids who belong to middle-class families get enrolled in a private school in Spain. They are on scholarships. The show shows how different the lives are of middle-class and upper-class kids. The clash between wealthy students and poor students creates a lot of drama in the three seasons which leads to murder.

We are sure you are well aware of what happened at the end of season 3 of Elite. Let’s see what season four has brought us and is it as good as the first 3 seasons?

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Here is everything you need to know about season 4 of Elite

Elite Season four released this week and here is everything you need to know
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This season of Elite again brings us a lot of drama and suspense between rich kids and middle-class kids. The show starts by showing that the principal of the school gets replaced by another principal who has three kids which are the same age as other characters in the show. All the characters of the show hate the principal because he asks Omar and his friend to take a test to see if they are fit for the scholarship. Guzman breaks up with Nadia because of their long-distance relationship and asks out the prinicpal’s elder daughter. Meanwhile, the principal’s younger daughter gets into some trouble and her girlfriend Rebeca tries her best to get her out of that situation.

The principal’s son comes between Omar and Ander’s relationship and breaks them apart but both of them are not easy to tear apart. Omar and Ander fix things with each other and get back together. In all this chaos, Rebeca finds out that her mother is dealing again and she gets heartbroken. A prince also enrolls in this private school mainly because he wanted to clear his image as he was accused of abuse. However, he starts liking Caytena despite the fact that she is a cleaning lady.

This is just half of what goes on in the fourth season of Elite. In all this drama and clashes a murder happens. But, we won’t give you any more spoils. Go on Netflix and go see for yourself who dies in the show and who is the real killer.

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