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Kevin Hart starred in a new movie ‘Fatherhood’ and here’s the Review

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Kevin Hart starred in a new Netflix movie ‘Fatherhood’ which just got released and fans are touched to see Kevin act in such a serious movie.

The comedian-actor has starred in many movies and mostly played comedy roles. This time Kevin has decided to take a serious role. Fatherhood is the perfect mix of comedy and seriousness. The movie starts with Kevin aka Matthew visiting the doctor with her wife, Liz. Matthew’s wife is pregnant and the doctor tells him that the operation needs to happen today and that the baby is gonna be a few weeks early. Matthew panics but then there was nothing to be done except the operation. After the operation, the nurse comes out and gives the bad news to Matthew that his wife couldn’t survive but he has a baby girl now. He is devastated because of his wife’s death but he has a daughter now whom he has to raise.

Kevin Hart has a hard time raising his daughter

Kevin Hart aka Matthew tells his mother and mother-in-law to leave because he thinks he can take good care of his daughter on his own. The mother-in-law is a bit hesitant to leave but she does anyway. Matthew goes through a hard time raising his daughter but his two best friends are there to help him. He has a hard time managing work and raising a child. And refuses to hire a nanny as well. He even joins a parent’s class when his daughter Maddy just would not stop crying.

Anyway, Maddy is a big girl now and she goes to school. Matthew’s friends think this is a good time to set him up so they introduce him to this beautiful girl “Lizzie” who is an animator. Two of them start hitting it off but Maddy seems neglected when another girl comes into her daddy’s life. Maddy goes through some issues at school as well and while playing she falls off the slide. Her head starts bleeding and Matthew arrives at the hospital where she has been taken.

Everything starts to fall apart

Matthew thinks all of this is happening because he is with his girlfriend so he breaks up with her but actually he just has commitment issues. Maddy says that she wants to stay with her grandma even though Matthew does not want her to but he lets her. Matthew goes back to work and his boss offers him a big promotion with a salary raise. Matthew is thrilled but later on, he thinks that he does not want a promotion or more workload but he just wants his daughter. He flies back to his mother-in-law’s place to bring Maddy back and then both of them go to his girlfriend’s house to convince her to give Matthew another chance. Lizzie says yes and that is that.

We could not hold our tears when we watched this movie. Kevin Hart’s acting is beautiful. The way he plays this beautiful character of a father, it’s beautiful. Every scene is very well written and hits right where it hurts. Maddy’s character is beautifully written as well. Right from the start, the movie portrays how it’s so hard for a single parent to raise a kid. It was good to see that Matthew’s friends were with him every step of the way. Matthew’s girlfriend was also so good with Maddy. Every scene from the start to the end is perfection.

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