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Salma Hayek shares how she bombed her athletic audition for ‘The Matrix’

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The Matrix is one of the most iconic sci-fi movies of all time. And every single actor who played a role in that film has made their name in history. That also includes Carrie-Anne Moss, who played the role of Trinity in the entire trilogy. However, things could have turned out differently as Salma Hayek also auditioned for the role and was among the finalists. But, she couldn’t make the cut as she bombed her athletic audition.

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Salma Hayek was “too lazy” to play Trinity in The Matrix

Salma Hayek shares how she bombed her athletic audition for 'The Matrix'
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The Frida star was one of the finalists for playing Trinity in the 1999 movie, along with Carrie-Anne Moss and Jada Pinkett Smith. While talking to Pinkett Smith on her Red Table Talk show on Facebook, Hayek revealed that she lacked the physical agility required for becoming Trinity. She recalled:

We were one of the four finalists for The Matrix. We’d jumped through many hurdles, screen testing, and many auditions. They brought these stunt coordinators from Asia. It was the physical test. I’m flexible and agile, but I’m lazy.

Hayek further added how other finalists were far fitter than her, particularly Jada herself, saying:

I never really went to the gym, they said, ‘You have to run,’ I go, ‘To where?’ I couldn’t even go around the room once. Here comes Jada, a mean, lean, sexy machine! Oh my God! She was so good! It was so embarrassing! She was so fit, she was so focused, she was so disciplined, she was so capable, she was so gracious. And I just looked at this woman and I thought to myself, ‘That’s who I want to be when I grow up.’

However, in end, both Pinkett Smith and Hayek agreed that Moss was the perfect fit for th character, with the former saying:

I always tell Carrie-Ann that she was perfect for that one.

Ever since her The Matrix physical audition, Salma Hayek revealed that the Wachowskis actually never called her again. However, the From Dusk Till Dawn actress learned valuable lessons after looking at Pinkett Smith, saying:

 Every time I’m going to do action, I say, no, I better start getting some stamina and practice the routines, you’ve got to be like Jada!

Jada Pinkett Smith wanted Will Smith to star as Neo

Apart from Salma Hayek, Pinkett Smith really understood how massive The Matrix was going to be. In fact, she wanted Will Smith to dearly play the role of Neo. But, he famously passed on the role, and it eventually went to Keanu Reeves. She told Vanity Fair:

I was first introduced to it because they wanted Will Smith to play Neo. I remember Will getting the deck for that movie and I’m a comic book fan … freak, right? So I’m looking at this deck and I’m going, ‘Oh my goodness, this is revolutionary. I’m like, Will, you gotta do this movie!’

However, just like Hayek, Pinkett was delighted about Moss playing Trinity, saying:

I thought Carrie-Anne was the perfect Trinity, and there was no way I could do what she did. And that’s the only time in my career I’ve said that about losing a role.

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