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Diddy Gets Wild and Political On His Birthday

Diddy's bash brings cops to the doors but the singer wants us at the polls on November 6th!

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Remember the time when Jamie Foxx taught Diddy how to throw parties? Especially the ones that are on a budget and don’t cost millions? Well, it looks like Foxx didn’t do a thorough job with it because Diddy’s house party just got shut down by cops. Unfortunately, it was his birthday bash, but with all celebrities at the mogul’s mansion, things got pretty wild. For his 49th birthday, Diddy spent millions to earn himself a police warning. Shouldn’t he be proud of himself? With 50 cars parked outside and 200 celebrities in the house party, everybody was really getting their buzz on. Only till the cops showed up though! But, Diddy spent most of his birthday urging everyone to vote!

Star Studded Birthday Party

Over the weekend, for his 49th birthday bash, Diddy invited tonnes of celebrities to his house party. All your favorite stars from Kodak Black to Kourtney Kardashian were there. At his LA home, Diddy gathered Wiz Khalifa, LeBron James, Usher, Anthony Anderson, Snoop Dogg to celebrate into the night.

Why Police Had to Interfere


But as hundreds of world’s top celebrities lost their chill at the mogul’s mansion, the police got a handful of complaints. When disturbances reached peak around 2 am, the cops showed up at the house party ending things swiftly. The security guards were warned to shut the whole thing down. Or else, the cops would go in and disperse the crowd. Humiliating huh?

Party Didn’t Stop

After throwing a good old rager, Diddy had another party at Ysabel in West Hollywood. Once again, the most popular stars joined to celebrate Puff’s birthday. It was a pretty hilarious affair as Kodak even tried to pull out and sneak a drink out of the club. But was caught red handed in the middle of it. With the party gurus all over the house, wasn’t it exactly the place to be that night?

Diddy Creatively Asked Everyone To Vote

Another important instance occurred on Diddy’s birthday. The singer jumped out of a plane to sky-dive and but before that he urged everyone to vote in an interesting tweet:

Diddy wants everyone to vote for Andrew Gillum for Governor of Florida and Stacey Abrams for Governor of Georgia in these US mid-terms. He believes that both candidates represent what is right for the people of the United States of America. Seems like he chose the right candidates because even Oprah, Barack Obama and John Legend are endorsing Stacey Abrams.

Happy Birthday, Puff. The cops already delivered you your present! But you delivered us ours i.e. reminding us to vote

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