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Vanessa Hudgens and Madison Beer launch skincare together

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The American actress, Vanessa Hudgens, and singer and songwriter, Madison Beer have launched a skincare brand together. The brand is a DNA-based skincare line and we are as excited about this as you guys.

Well, who doesn’t know about our High School Musical queen? Vanessa Hudgens starred in all three movies of the very popular High School Musical series. Her career started taking off after that. On the other hand, we have Madison Beer who has a voice of a goddess. She started becoming famous when Justin Bieber posted one of her cover songs.

Vanessa and Madison might be best friends but looks like that they are something more than that. I guess it’s safe to say that they are business partners now as they just launched their skincare line together. It all started when Vanessa discovered that she has sensitive skin and Madison has dealt with acne her whole life so the partnership sounded great for them. It feels good to see brands making skincare lines as well.

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What is so good about Vanessa Hudgens and Madison Beer’s brand?

There are various serums, oils, moisturizers to help you treat your acne according to your skin type. You can guess your skin type by doing thorough research but isn’t a DNA test better than all that? Exactly! The two are launching a DNA-based skincare brand. This way you can know exactly what type of product you need to put on your face to treat your acne. Their brand is called ‘Know Beauty’.

Madison Beer told Elle:

I was going through serious acne struggles and never felt like I could combat it no matter what. And if I did manage to clear away the acne. It would be two days of clear skin and then they would all just come back up right away. I really wanted to make and find something that could give people answers that they were looking for.

Vanessa Hudgens and Madison decided to pair up with a professional dermatologist who knows what she is doing. They teamed up with the amazing Karen Kagha and developed a DNA taste to help people get to the bottom of skincare issues. Dr. Karen explained a bit about the skincare brand and how it really works.

She explained:

The DNA test shows what we’re able to learn from genetics, in terms of collagen quality, sensitivity, hyperpigmentation, and more. While you may not visibly express those signs yet, your genes tell us what to expect.

We honestly cannot wait to get our hands on the ‘Know Beauty’ products.

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