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NFL player Carl Nassib comes out as gay, pledges $100,000 to Trevor Project

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We have a piece of good news that will change your day completely. Carl Nassib who is an NFL Player recently came out as gay. The player posted a video on his Instagram saying that he is donating $100,000 to Trevor Project.

Some of you might not be familiar with the name Carl Nassib. Carl is an NFL player. He started playing football at Penn State when he was in college. Then, the player was drafted by the Cleveland Browns in the third round of the 2016 NFL Draft. The famous player is 28 years old and was born in America.

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NFL Player Carl Nassib comes out as gay

The NFL player recently posted a video on Instagram for his 277k followers. Alongside the video, he posted some pictures as well in which he explains how grateful and happy he also says thanks to his friends and family. The player starts the video by saying:

What’s up people? I am Carl Nassib. I am here at my house here in West Chester, Pennsylvania, and just want to take a quick moment to say that I’m gay. I’ve been meaning to do this for a while now, but I finally feel comfortable enough to get it off my chest. I really have the best life, I’ve got the best family, friends, and job a guy could ask for.

The player furthermore says that he is a very private person and he is not doing this for attention.

The NFL player mentions that visibility and representation are very important. And he further hopes that one day, videos like this and the whole coming out process would not be necessary.

Carl Nassib adds:

But until then, I’m going to do my best and do my part to cultivate a culture that’s accepting, that’s compassionate and I’m going to start by donating $100,000 to The Trevor Project.

The Trevor Project is one of the non-profit American organizations. Their main focus is saving the lives of young LGBTQ people.

In the picture Carl writes that he has been waiting for a moment like this from the last 15 years. But his friends and family supported him and his decision throughout. Due to which he is proudly able to announce this news publicly that he is gay. Carl thanks his friends and NFL coaches in his post. He also adds that he is eager to fight for equality and acceptance.

How are People Responding to Carl’s News?

Carl’s fans and many people are happy for Carl. The player’s post is filled with beautiful comments in which everyone is saying that they are very proud of Carl for coming out. NFL Canada comment on Carl’s post, “We are so proud of you, Carl.”

Las Vegas Riders also tweeted Carl’s post and captioned it ‘Proud of You, Carl’

President Biden also said that he is proud of Carl Nassib in his recent tweet:

We are really happy for Carl for having such a healthy work environment and supportive friends and family.

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