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Megan Thee Stallion calls out DaBaby for Tory Lanez Retweet

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We are back with another celebrity drama. This time it’s none other than DaBaby and our very famous rapper Megan Thee Stallion. DaBaby recently retweeted a fans’ tweet on Twitter which was offensive to Megan as it referenced Megan being shot by Tony Lanez.

DaBaby retweeted a fan’s tweet which was offensive to Megan Thee Stallion and then proceeded to say that it was a mistake. Megan tweeted about DaBaby’s retweet but did not name DaBaby in her tweet.

The tweet which DaBaby retweeted was something like this:

I guess @DaBabyDaBaby and @torylanez cool now bc the both shot somebody and don’t have to do no jail time.

Then, Megan tweeted:

Support me in private and publicly do something different…these industry men are very strange.

Megan did not mention DaBaby in her tweet directly but fans knew who she was talking about.

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DaBaby claps back at Megan Thee Stallion

Before replying to Megan’s tweet, DaBaby tweeted that his Twitter is doing some ‘Illuminati sh*t’ He further added that he did not re-tweet the tweet on purpose. DaBaby then re-tweeted Megan Thee Stallion’s tweet and said:

You done let these folks get the best of you thug. ion got no bad energy for ya.

Megan was not going to stay quiet on this matter. She then responded back to DaBaby’s tweet:

We already spoke abt this in private and you specifically said “that ain’t even no good business move why would I promote that sh*t but now this ain’t your “beef”? That ain’t real.

Well, seems like the beef between these two has not ended yet. DaBaby clapped back at Megan when he quote re-tweeted Megan’s last tweet in which he said:

You ain’t tweeting nothing I ain’t tell dat nigga directly. I told him da same shit. lol Whoever cleared it cleared it, so what.

Megan did not say anything after this to DaBaby but she’s also very busy because her new song ‘Thot Sh*t’ hit number one on the US YouTube songs chart. She tweeted about this after her beef with DaBaby:

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