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Chrissy Teigen and John Legend accuse Michael Costello of faking bullying claims

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Chrissy Teigen was accused by Michael Costello for bullying but the couple denied the claim by saying that Michael is faking and fabricating the whole incident. This is not the first time Chrissy has been accused of bullying. The social media personality Courtney Stodden also opened up about her experience when the star claimed that Teigen cyberbullied them years ago. Stodden said that Chrissy would just casually DM them and tell them to kill themselves. After this, Bloomingdale’s ended their partnership with Chrissy. Chrissy did apologize to her fans and Stodden after this. She sent out a tweet in which she apologized for her behavior and said that she is embarrassed and ashamed of her behavior.

Michael Costello accuses Chrissy Teigen and John Legend of bullying

According to Insider, Michael Costello opened about his past and bullying when he posted on Instagram. The fashion designer said in the caption that Chrissy and her friend Monica Rose made sure that he lost out on professional opportunities and that he contemplated suicide as a result of their bullying. The picture was a screenshot of his conversation with Teigen. In the screenshot, Chrissy said ‘You might as well be dead’ to Michael. The post is now apparently deleted.

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The Couple denies the Allegations

Even though, Chrissy admitted to the bullying claims by Courtney Stodden. She denied doing the same to designer Costello. Chrissy Teigen and John addressed the issue on Friday saying that the claims that the fashion designer is making are absolutely fake. Chrissy said that the screenshots are fake and denied all the allegations. The couple issued a statement recently on this issue and said:

The old profile picture and these new Instagram features could not co-exist in the same authentic screenshot.

Chrissy said that Monica was not a part of the team in 2016 and thus did not have any interaction with Michael. But a while ago, Michael was accused of making a racist comment. That is when Chrissy’s model friend, Monica Rose posted a comment on Michael’s Instagram but she deleted the comment when she came to know that Michael’s comment was in fact photoshopped. Moreover, the statement also made a reference to Courtney Stodden’s bullying claims:

Chrissy has acknowledged her past behavior and the pain she has caused, but she will not stand for anyone spreading false accusations to further demean her name and reputation.

Chrissy’s husband also defended her wife when he tweeted about the allegations. John tweeted that her wife has apologized for her public tweets but the DM exchange was not true.

Michael responded to John Legend’s Tweet

When John Legend tweeted about her wife, Chrissy Teigen, Michael also tweeted something in return. In the tweet, Michael said that he respects John Legend but that his wife has hurt good people.

John also responded to Michael’s tweet when he said:

Bruh. Stop. You know you made all this up. Just stop

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