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‘Loki’ & ‘WandaVision’ connection sets the story for ‘Doctor Strange 2’!

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So, the new Disney+ series Loki is off to a flying start. After the first two episodes, the series has given us an introduction to a vibrant world(s) across many timelines. The first episode, in fact, was just loads of exposition, making the audience and Loki himself aware of the world he had just stepped foot in. However, the show also revealed a particular connection with WandaVision that can set the storyline for Doctor Strange 2: Multiverse of Madness.

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How the Loki series relates to WandaVision

Loki & WandaVision connection sets the story for Doctor Strange 2!
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So far, the Loki series has raised more questions than it has answered. For instance, why is the “evil variant” not look like Loki? And more importantly, where is the show building towards if the evil variant is not intending to overthrow the Time Keepers? However, one thing is clear – evil Loki wants to destroy the TVA. This show will indeed have far-reaching consequences for the MCU because of the involvement of multiple timelines. And according to some hints, it will definitely involve Doctor Strange 2.

In episode one, we saw an instructional video that explains the origin and the working of the Time Variance Authority (TVA). This ’70s-style animation told the audience that there was indeed a multiverse with varying timelines and variations. However, the different timelines and variations clashed with each other, posing a threat to destroy all of existence. Ultimately, the three cosmic beings, which we call the Time Keepers, came and set the universe on a single “sacred” timeline. And they formed the TVA to protect that timeline. If some people don’t follow the timeline and create variations, it creates a “Nexus” event. It’s a new branch on the timeline, which must be dealt with, otherwise it “could create madness”. And chances are, this madness is related to the “Multiverse of Madness” we’ll see in Doctor Strange 2.

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The “Nexus” then puts WandaVision in line with Doctor Strange 2

In canon Marvel comics, ‘Nexus of All Realities’ is the point where all possible realities intersect. And this term also came up in WandaVision. In episode seven of the show, there was a meaningful advert that promoted a “Nexus” antidepressant. This was a strong indication that Wanda Maximoff was a “Nexus Being”. Being the Scarlet Witch means that Wanda has the power to alter reality itself, which could make her a particular nuisance for the TVA. Therefore, it’s possible that the TVA has a deal with Wanda to not alter the sacred timeline. The way with which WandaVision ended suggests that it could happen soon.

Loki & WandaVision connection sets the story for Doctor Strange 2!
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In the show’s last post-credit scene, we saw Wanda studying the immensely powerful book Darkhold. At that moment, we heard her son Billy call her from another world. It could be that Wanda is trying to bring her children back from the multiverse, creating a colossal Nexus Event. And that event could lead to “madness” as proclaimed by the TVA clip. That explains how it’s no coincidence that Wanda is appearing in Doctor Strange 2: Multiverse of Madness. The question is that will she be the cause of that madness or be the end of it?

For now, we don’t know who will truly trigger the events of Doctor Strange 2. It could be that some Loki variant could trigger this madness, but it could very well be that Wanda triggers this madness, and then aids Doctor Strange in bringing it to an end. However, one thing looks probable that TVA will fail in maintaining the “sacred timeline”. There’s a chance that this Nexus can introduce the X-Men to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Or, it’s possible that the Spider-Man 3 multiverse could appear as a result of this event. All in all, one thing is for certain, MCU Phase 4 may be unlike anything we have ever seen from the franchise.

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