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Fans react to David Dobrik’s Comeback to YouTube

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The famous YouTuber is back on YouTube after being on a social media hiatus for a long time. The hiatus was due to him facing multiple controversies surrounding his Vlog Squad. Vlog squad was a group of friends led by David who would often feature in clever and comedic vlogs. Multiple members of the vlog squad faced allegations of sexual assault and misconduct, which led to Dobrik being canceled. People argued that Dobrik was responsible for these crimes as they were encouraged by him and done in his presence.

While it is true Dobrik went to extra lengths to have unique content for his vlogs, the YouTuber did deny involvement in the crimes and said that he had no idea that the misconduct took place. A rape allegation on Durte Dom led to David Dobrik distancing himself from Dom and denouncing him.

After this, David’s image went down the drain. He lost many followers and many brands cut him off. Nobody wanted to be associated with him. David released two apology videos after this. There was a controversy with his close friend Jeff Wittek as well, but the matter got resolved ultimately. Dobrik made Wittek do a life-threatening stunt but it ended up almost killing Wittek.

David Dobrik is back on Youtube

A week or so ago, a source spotted David Dobrik in Hawaii. The source did not see any of his team members and there was only a selfie that showed that David was in Hawaii so nothing was for sure. But looks like rumors were true, David has made a comeback to YouTube.

He posted a vlog on his YouTube channel recently. It was titled ‘Surprising my Friends’. It was a short vlog of 4 minutes or so and the vlog was shot in Hawaii. The whole vlog was basically about their trip to Hawaii. Corinna Kopf can be seen in the vlog as well where she discussed her OnlyF*ns earnings. If you see the vlog, you will find Jeff Wittek in it as well.

What is the Fans’ reaction to all this?

Well, people have not quite forgotten the allegations against David Dobrik and his group. Twitter is full of tweets against David’s new videos. People have been saying that don’t forget what David did just because he made an apology video.

People did not hesitate to make jokes about this well. I mean, this one is clever, right? I almost feel bad for laughing at this.

Not all people are unhappy that he is back. Some of them like David too, we think.

But, the conclusion is that most of the people are not happy on David’s comeback because allegations against him and his Squad were quite serious. I don’t know if people will forget about all that that easily.

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