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Jeffree Star says he’s leaving California

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Jeffree Star is a very famous MUA and makeup mogul. He has his makeup brand as well known as “Jeffree Star Cosmetics”. Jeffree’s fame started from MySpace and then he became famous on YouTube for having amazing makeup skills. Star has been through so much in the last few years. He also has been involved in many dramas and controversies. Jeffree also had an accident in April, but we are glad to see that he is making recovery. Jeffree shared the news of his recovery on Twitter where he said:

Just leaving the doctor’s office and he said I could take this brace off & start sucking di*k in 2 weeks… Best news I’ve heard all year.

Jeffree has also been involved in many dramas, like the scandal with James Charles and Tati Westbrook is one of the biggest examples. We think because of these issues, Star just wants a break from it all.

Is Jeffree Star taking a break from Beauty World?

Jeffree recently announced that he will be taking a break from the beauty community. In an interview with E!, the beauty mogul revealed that he will be focusing on something positive and will be parting ways from the beauty community. Star also said that he wants people to see his growth. He said in the interview:

I know that I may sound like a crock of sh*t from one of the most dramatic people in the makeup industry, but I am generally in a really good place mentally and I definitely was not before.

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Jeffree is leaving California

Jeffree Star released a video on June 15, 2021, where he addressed his mental health issues. The YouTuber said:

“For the first time in my life, at 35 years old, I am finally leaving California. I am gonna sell this house. 2020, and I think I’ve said this a million times, but it really took it out of me.”

Star also talked about JSC and Killer Merch. He said that both the companies will continue operating out of California. He furthermore revealed that he will be moving to Wyoming where he will make a permanent home for himself. Jeffree also addressed the dramas he has been a part of throughout the years. Star apologized for that as well in his video.

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