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Kourtney Kardashian Pokes Fun at Mom Kris Jenner over her stealing note!

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The American Media personality, Kris Jenner, warned her house guests not to take anything from her room. But Kourtney Kardashian poked fun at her by stealing the note which her mom left on the door.

The Keeping Up With Kardashians star recently shared picture of the note taped to the entrance of one of her mom’s rooms. She also shared the picture on her Instagram story. The message which was written on the note seemed like a warning. But you can try making a judgment by yourself and see if it was a warning or Kris was just having some fun with Kourtney. The note said:

Hey you, yes YOU. If you take even one thing out of this room without telling me, there will be huge consequences. Beware.

Kourtney shared the picture of the note on her Instagram story with this caption:

Let me know if you know what I took, ok?

She also tagged Kris Jenner in her story.

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What is Kourtney Kardashian and Kris Jenner’s relationship like?

Kris clearly loves her daughter as you can see in KUWTK. Jenner gave Kourtney Kardashian her full support when she came to know about her boyfriend Travis Baker. Kris recently appeared on On-Air with Ryan Seacrest and talked about her eldest daughter and her recent blossoming romance with her boyfriend. Jenner said while talking about her daughter’s relationship:

Isn’t it great? I know. It’s the best

Seems like the mother-daughter duo have a good relationship but are they too close so that Kourtney is allowed to raid her mom’s closet and take the things she likes? Well, let’s get into that. As we said before, Kris left a note for Kourtney not to take her things without asking her first. Kourtney took the note and posted it on her Instagram story. Nobody is sure which room’s door had the sticky note plastered on it. But it can be the famous Kris’ closet.

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What is this closet everyone keeps talking about?

We think it could be the great mother’s impressive closet. If you have seen Keeping Up With The Kardashians, you would know what closet I am talking about. Many times Kris’ daughters have appeared in the show to borrow a thing or two from her closet.
As we all know that Kris’s closet has some of the most stylish pieces but that’s not it.

The closet has also been a cool and fun hangout spot for celebrities as well. Many special dinner guests have hung out in the famous closet including Chrissy Teigen and John Legend. Don’t forget about the time Jennifer Lawrence stripped in the closet because she wanted to try a few things after she had a few drinks.

From various incidents and KUWTK, it seems like Kourtney and Kris have a beautiful relationship and they are just poking some fun at each other but we hope it doesn’t turn into something big.

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