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Fans show concern for Tana Mongeau as she seems too intoxicated

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Tana Mongeau is an American musician, social media influencer, and model. She is famous for her ‘storytime’ videos and comedy videos. The model is 22 years old and currently dating nobody exclusive at the moment. But recently, she has been seen hanging out with rapper Chris Miles. Both Tana and Chris have not addressed their relationship status publicly. So we really don’t know if they are just friends-friends or something more.

Is Tana Mongeau suffering from substance addiction?

In a recent interview, Tana is seen discussing her pledge to box ex-girlfriend Bella Throne in an upcoming YouTubers vs TikTokers boxing match. The video was uploaded by an account named ‘withpeaceandluv’ on TikTok. The internet personality said that she has some amazing offers from Triller. 

Tana Mongeau added

“Whether or not Bella is willing to fight me, she will definitely be stepping in the ring in the near future.”

But all of this didn’t catch the fan’s attention as much as the fact that Tana appeared unsteady and drunk in the video. Tana is seen lacking focus in the video. Which led the fans to believe that the model might be suffering from substance addiction. Fans became more worried about Tana when the same Twitter account posted another video of her titled ‘Tana Mongeau’ caught waisted’. In the video, Tana can be seen approaching a cab, clearly drunk. And then talking to a celebrity photographer Kevin Wong.  

What is fans’ reaction to all this?

Tana Mongeau fans are obviously worried about her. Many people commented under her TikTok video saying that she looks a little high.

One TikTok user commented

“She’s unfortunately very obviously struggling with some type of addiction. You can tell in her videos :/ She looks messed up.”

Some of the fans on Twitter came to defend her by saying :

“maybe she is enjoying herself and treating herself with some drinks.”

One Twitter user said:

“Tana has deleted videos and songs about her drug habit and addiction, where have y’all been? Not saying that we should ignore this or be insensitive about it either. If this is just alcohol, then let her live.”

Well, excessive use of something particular is bad. Tana is mature enough to know what’s good for her and what’s not. So we obviously can’t school her on this habit. But we sincerely hope that she can lower down the use of drugs because a lot of youngsters follow her.

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