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Amy Schumer on Her Pregnancy

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Amy Schumer is pregnant, and trust us, she is not enjoying it one bit. Her pregnancy became a joke at her own comedy show at Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas on Friday night. But this wasn’t the first time. Previously, she already made jokes on her first trimester looking like something out of the horror movie. Now, we are just so sure that the to-be-mother is in for a very tough ride. Especially, now that she has decided to compare her pregnancy to Meghan Markle‘s. But does Amy Schumer know that she’ll miss this hard time dearly once the baby is out and creating a chaos?

Amy Schumer Jokes About A Hard Pregnancy

For the first time since Amy Schumer announced that she was pregnant, she appeared on her comedy show at Cosmopolitan. And discussed her second trimester which is going as tough as her first one. But she made the whole thing more interesting by involving the royal baby that Meghan Markle is expecting. Amy Schumer trolled herself saying that it was not easy to be pregnant at the same time as Meghan was. The comedian made jokes that the newly wed royal is wearing heels and clutching a baby bump that’s not even there. But at the same time, Schumer was having a tough time even wearing her underwear.

Amy Schumer went further to add that she was not liking it, and that her pregnancy had been hard. She claimed that she still has a half year of pregnancy to get through. People were psychic when it came to the baby’s gender. The actress joked that,

It’s a 50/50 shot. It’s better odds than in Vegas. I don’t know what it’s going to be. I think it’s going to be a baby.

All jokes apart, it’s obvious that the to-be-mother is not having much fun. So what will happen when her baby is out to wreck apart everything else in her life with all the tantrums? Hopefully, more joy!

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