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Nicki Minaj and Drake were seen hanging out together!

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Everybody is familiar with the two most famous rappers of Hollywood, Nicki Minaj, and Drake. But what some of them might not know is the history regarding these two. It all started when Drake released an Album back in 2010 by the name of ‘Thank Me Later’. In which there was a song named ‘Miss Me’ which had some really shocking yet interesting lyrics. Which were something like this:

I love Nicki Minaj. I told her I’d admit it. Hope one day we get married just to say we fuc*ing did it.

Uhh-ohh, Drake actually said this thing years ago in a song. And we have a feeling that he might say something like this once again.

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The famous rappers fueled dating rumors back in 2010. Before Anaconda was released, Nicki Minaj brought Drake on the stage for her Hot 97 Thanksgiving ‘Thank You’ Concert and two of them kissed at the end of the show. This just fueled some rumors that Drake and Nicki Minaj might be dating. But Nicki cleared the air at the end of her performance by saying:

I still got my lipstick on! I know you New York. Don’t be starting something

This doesn’t end here. Drake also responded back to Nicki through a tweet:

Please refer to Nicki Minaj as ‘Mrs. Aubrey Drake Graham and don’t stare at her too long. She’s finally mine 🙂

What’s cooking between Nicki Minaj and Drake?

Nicki Minaj dropped ‘Moment 4 Life’ in 2010 and the song featured the famous artist and rapper Drake. Where he rapped ‘Me and Nicki getting married today’ as he appeared alongside Nicki on a wedding-themed set. Drake even shared some very heart warming words for the singer/rapper Nicki:

If there’s any woman in my life that’s the ideal woman for me, It’s definitely Nicki. I like the stri*ped-down Nicki. I like Nicki with no makeup, black hair, some causal clothes in a recording booth rapping an amazing verse. That’s se*y to me. I know some great women, but all jokes aside, Nicki is somebody I could spend my life with because i think we understand each other.

This doesn’t end here. There are a bunch of other incidents in which both the rappers hinted liking each other. But nothing was confirmed.

Recently, Nicki and Drake were seen hanging out together. Def Noodles also shared a video on Twitter in which Nicki is hanging out with Drake.

Nicki Minaj also posted a picture with the rapper on her Instagram.

Fans are saying that they might be dating but given to their confusing history, we really don’t know what’s happening. Mayeb they’re working on a song together.

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