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ABC To Cancel The Conners?

10 13,819

After ABC canceled its rating giant the Roseanne Reboot following a racist tweet from its lead star Roseanne Barr, it appears the network is now contemplating to pull the plug off its spin-off series ‘The Conners’. The Conners premiered October 16th, opening up with exactly half the ratings of its ancestor’s premiere. It later went on to see a dip in ratings in its second episode. Though the third episode, the Halloween special, was able to reclaim the fallen ratings; they too weren’t sufficient enough. The spin-off, despite decent ratings, has not been able to generate the same luck as Roseanne.  And now, following a new programming decision, the rumor of cancellation of this nascent show is doing rounds.

ABC Orders Additional Episode For The Conners

Even after several citings of falling ratings, ABC has ordered another ‘surprise’ episode for the Roseanne –less Conners.  Roger Friedman notes that this additional episode order is nothing, but a finale for the show. On another note, he also mentioned that the only possible rescue for the Conners is if the show makers decide to bring Roseanne Barr back, which ABC might want.

Low Ratings And Budgeting Issues May Lead To Cancellation

The big Halloween of The Conners episode secured ratings that were less than everything- ‘NCIS,’ ‘The Voice,’ etc.” Additionally, the show is a costly venture for the network to run. ABC pays John Goodman, Laurie Metcalf, and Sara Gilbert, $375,000 per episode.  And if you add to that the salaries of the other key cast members who are also talking big money, it becomes essentially a lot. Moreover, to salvage the show, ABC also introduces guest faces on The Conners regularly. They, unfortunately, have not been able to fill the spot left vacant by Roseanne Barr. Furthermore introducing them comes at a heavy cost.

The Conners Fails The Ratings Game Miserably Without Roseanne Barr

While the Roseanne-free show drew 7.7 million viewers for ABC, “The Voice” drew 8.8 million for NBC, and “NCIS” drew 12.1 million over at CBS. “The Gifted” drew just 2 million for Fox. NBC had the most viewers on Tuesday. Though CBS and ABC tied up in their 1.1/5 share, CBS had more than 9 million viewers as compared to ABC ‘S 4.9 million. Roseanne Reboot had clocked a starling 18.2 million viewers for the network. Hence, genuinely a drop to 7.7 comes as a rude shock. The announcement about a renewal or cancellation is expected to arrive soon.

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  1. Simon says

    Honestly, they should have waited for broader public reaction before firing roseanne in knee-jerk reaction. We are seeing so many who do worse than what she did who have had no repercussions. Now, they have added a slew of new characters no one is vested in and it is becoming a mess. They should have just ended roseanne last season and wait a while and see where public sentiment was then. Put this show out of its misery.

  2. Whovian2018 says

    Honestly, if ABC uses the episode they ordered as a means of bringing Roseanne back I would be happy and start watching again. As it stands now, I saw the first episode and found the handling of her character to be incredibly disrespectful. Roseanne was like the family I wish I had growing up. Sure they were poor, loud, and obnoxious, but they also cared a great deal about each other and dealt with real problems. The Dan and Roseanne relationship is what people should strive to have. Loving, caring, unafraid of confrontation but also not afraid of forgiveness. Killing her off was a terrible slap in the face to fans.

    If the episode order is just to put a finale together, this show will go out with a fizzle. Bring Roseanne back or just let the show fade out and don’t even bother with a finale which will likely end with Dan selling the house and moving into some apartment complex.

  3. jt says

    this show sucks so bad a lot of the pirate sites don’t even have it

  4. Cecelia Mondoc says

    They need Roseanne! I think ABC should bring her back. In the past, Dan’s character had supposedly died but in the new season they brought him back. Why can’t they do the same for Roseanne? Someone fell asleep and was dreaming Roseanne died. Or maybe they can have it just be a thought of Dan’s as his imagination runs wild when he discovers the pills Roseanne hid in the freezer in the close of Season 10 and he starts to imagine their lives if she dies and the pain that would cause. I refuse to watch the Conners because it sucks now and I’m upset by how Roseanne was treated like garbage. If they bring her back to the show, I’d be happy to watch again. Everyone makes mistakes but I don’t think that means we should just throw them away.

  5. Brianna says

    Unless they bring Roseanne back, it needs to be canceled. I am disgusted on not only how much they disrespect Roseanne as both a character and a person, but how they portray chronic pain. My own 64 year old mother can’t even have her pain meds because people with chronic pain are being labeled as ‘drug addicts’.

    Sure, some drug addicts claim to have chronic pain, but there are ACTUAL people suffering from chronic pain. So many people are committing suicide because they can’t handle their physical pain anymore. So labeling chronic pain in the way they did on this show, only showing the ‘drug addict’ side of it, in my eyes was both irresponsible and disgusting. People who push this agenda is why people like my mom suffer. CANCEL IT!

  6. Joni says

    I like The Conners much better than Roseanne. I watch it each Tuesday, but I watched Roseanne a couple of times and hated it! I’m glad she’s gone, and I hope The Conners will stay a while!!

    1. Saviour says

      You’re disgusting and should stop drinking out of the toilet. It’s making you have shtty opinions and a shttier taste in shows.

  7. Craig Williams says

    Anyone who is a Trump supporter or even shows signs of leaning right is outcasted by the liberal media and hollywood. Liberalism is the definition of Bigotry. Intolerable of beliefs and thoughts unlike theirs.

  8. Denise says

    Cancel the connors..Without Roseanne Barr, this show is lame.. it is not funny, the acting skills of the remaining actors just doesn’t interest me.they are blah and extremely boring, especially Sara, Emma, the actor who plays Darlene’s son, and Michael.. Roseanne was the reason I watched and now that she is gone, and I’ve lost all interest in this family. ABC screwed up bad, oh well. I’m done

  9. CLS says

    Cancel the Conner’s. The show and the characters are all a disgrace to humans everywhere! They all road Rosie’s shirt tails out of obscurity, then drove right over her @ss first chance possible. Through the years…. Even Darlene’s real life sister Sarah Gilbert couldn’t pull off begging/manipulation/threatening Hollyweird in an effort to employ her lifeless & zero personality sister. Check her pulse…..Is she awake, alive, breathing?
    Darlene Darlene Darlene. ABC, CBS, NBC
    Three different networks, Same agenda.
    A bunch of selfish entitled liberal progressive anarchist aka democratic terrorist! Like these networks &
    Hollywood’s favorite fake family…… All openly masterbaiting on identity politics and race baiting.
    Cancel ABC, CBS, & NBC. USA would be 100% better off and 100% less cruel to all others who don’t hate like they do.

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