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Logan Paul Stalker Jailed

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Earlier this year, reports surfaced that a stalker was seen trespassing upon the house of the famous controversial YouTuber Logan Paul. The stalked has been arrested and jailed for repeated offense. Looks like someone is obsessed! The alleged stalker of Paul, Tahj Deondre Speight was caught by the YouTuber himself. Not just that, but Paul also filed a restraining order to protect himself further. But it seems like this stalker has an interest in weirdness for he was also caught trespassing at Jake Paul’s house. Maybe he was aiming to harass the Paul brothers for polluting the internet?

The Real Picture…

The notable incident of the stalker entering Logan Paul’s house occurred when he was near the peak of his popularity. Back then, it was the time when he returned from his trip to Japan. He uploaded a video of a deceased person in the infamous Aokigahara Suicide Forest. Soon afterwards, this entire episode engulfed him in a controversy adding considerably to his fame. When the first encounter of the stalker landing at Paul’s residence happened, the YouTuber recorded it in a vlog. He claimed to have been really scared about his well-being. Not only that, but he also expressed concern at the safety of others in his home.

Previously, the same stalker was also caught trespassing at his brother Jake Paul’s home. Logan Paul filed a restraining order fearing potential physical injury. Now that the stalker is found guilty of the offense, he has been jailed for 45 days. It will be followed by a probation period of 2 years for various offenses. The restraining order ensures that the stalker can not come at least a 100 yards near Logan Paul for the next 5 years. And that covers his residence, work, and personal vehicles.

It might have been scary for Logan Paul at first, but isn’t it just a perk of their deep taste for controversy?

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