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Dillon Dannis thinks Bryce Hall can beat Austin McBroom

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Bryce Hall and Austin McBroom are going to be fighting each other in a few weeks. Now both of these celebrities have a history together. It all started when Austin McBroom posted that he will give 5 million dollars to anyone who steps in the ring with him. He also asked his followers to tag people whom they wanted to see him fighting. Many people tagged Bryce but he rejected the offer initially. Bryce negotiated and asked for 7.5 million dollars. After a lot of negotiations both the celebrities made a deal and set a date for the fight. The fight between Austin and Bryce is about to happen on the 12th of June. Even though there is still some time left in the match, but both the celebrities just can’t stop mocking each other.

But what does Dillon Danis have to do with all of this? Well, unlike Bryce and Austin, Dillon is an actual MMA Fighter. And he is also friends with Bryce Hall. So I guess it’s safe to say that Dillon’s opinion regarding Bryce and Austin’s fight kind of matters.

What does Dillon Dannis have to say about Bryce Hall fighting Austin McBroom?

Recently, Dillion Dannis did a Q and A session on his Instagram. Many people asked Dillon a lot of crazy things. One of his followers asked his opinion on Bryce Hall fighting Austin McBroom.

The question was something like:

What do you think about Bryce Hall…Will Austin beat him?

To which Dillon replied:

We are homies and he comes from a wrestling background which creates a different kind of toughness, I think he sparks Austin in 2!

Celebrity clearly sides with Bryce in Bryce Hall Vs Austin McBroom fight. He also called Bryce his homie in his story. Well, we are happy to know that Dillon at least doesn’t have any beef with the Tiktoker.

Is the Austin McBroom and Bryce Hall drama ever going to stop?

Oh Well, that’s a very difficult question. I don’t know if you guys have seen their first press conference for the boxing match. But a lot of people found it hilarious and some people found it very immature-ish.

If you fast forward this video to 10:10, you will be able to see all the drama which went down between Bryce and Austin. So I guess we can only hope and pray that this drama settles down on 12th June for the good.

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