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Floyd Mayweather warns Jake Paul after their heated hat brawl

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Floyd Mayweather warned Jake paul over their heated brawl and said he is ‘nothing to play with‘. What happened is that Jake stole Floyd’s hat during the Logan Paul Vs Floyd Mayweather press conference. And Floyd got really p*ssed afterward. Floyd also added that if this happens again then he will put Jake in a neck brace. A press conference was held to promote the fight between Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather, as this is the tradition in the fire game. But all eyes averted to Jake Paul when he stole Mayweather’s hat. This resulted in a physical fight which thankfully did not last that long.

Jake said that he didn’t have any idea that Floyd would get so mad at him. Paul thought that this was just a harmless banter that everyone would enjoy. And all the punches which Mayweather threw at him were not even coming close to hitting him in the face. Many of the fans do think that Paul is just playing it down but is actually hurt.

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What is Floyd Mayweather’s side of the story?

Floyd’s story is a bit different than Paul’s. While Paul said it was just harmless banter, Floyd told Showtime that he was mad because it was disrespectful. He also insisted that his punches dealt a lot of damage. And as if this was not enough, Floyd Mayweather promised to dish out Paul if he did not stop messing with him.

Jake Paul is still not letting go

After Jake was humored by many people on the internet, he went and did another foolish thing. After the heated argument with Floyd Mayweather, Jake launched his new merch by the name of “Gotcha hat“. The merch includes hats, t-shirts, sweatshirts, caps, beanies, mugs, and hoodies that have “Gotcha hat” written on them. Jake really thought that it was a good idea to steal the undefeated champion Floyd’s hat mid-conversation. And he really expected that Floyd would not react to the whole situation? I mean, that sounds crazy. And as if all of this was not enough. Jake took the meme to another level when he got a tattoo of “Gotcha Hat” on his leg. Well, we really don’t know what’s next in the store for us. Guess we will able to figure it out after Floyd’s fighting match with Logan.

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