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Adam Ruins Everything Trailer Out Now!

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The latest trailer for Adam Ruins Everything dropped on TruTV yesterday. So mark your calendars for November 27th because Adam Ruins Everything will return to ruin stuff even more. The show features comedian Adam Conover who started this show on CollegeHumor’s website. It focuses on highlighting everyday truths and facts we accept without question and breaks down our long held beliefs in a hilarious fashion. The addictive show uses research to debunk our core values, it’s more addictive than you think! In the upcoming latest batch of fresh episodes, Adam Conover will be exploring a lot of mainstream issues. The trailer gives us a deep good look into those. But what’s even more interesting is that the trailer brought back a few familiar faces and some interesting cameos from some popular stars. Adam Conover aims to make a few distinctions with the upcoming season of Adam Ruins Everything.

‘Adam Ruins Everything’ Returns Soon

With the trailer, we can see that this time Adam Conover is all set to share his insights on the gun control debate, the ways in which airlines screw people over and also, the uncomfortable ubiquity of the mattress stores. The trailer also features cameos from Rick Overton, Mad TV’s Arden Myrin and a few more stars. The show returns on November 27th. And this time, Adam will be making sure he differentiates between how he ruins everything and how the people in power are ruining things today.

While discussing Adam Ruins Everything, Adam agreed that with this show he pledges to inform people of hidden knowledge. Although, they seem agitated by that at first, in the end learning the truth does make them feel empowered. Doing this through comedy has become a personal mission that he now takes pride in.

Even when the trailer does not show it, this season, Adam will have a whole episode on how he ruins nachos. Seems like a joke, right? But in reality, it is a much fascinating episode on the American food system. Adam Conover believes that it is his most favorite one.

If the year has been depressing for you, Adam Ruins Everything is on its way to make things better!

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