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Ryan Reynolds Jokes Blake Lively Is Cheating on Him with a Ghost

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If anybody had doubts that there is a couple cooler than Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively in Hollywood, take a look at this. Ryan Reynolds is back at trolling his wife online. The Deadpool star made a joke that Blake Lively is cheating on him with a ghost. But well, since they both sit together while trolling each other online, maybe the joke is on us really? Whatever the case might be, the power couple never ceases to make us laugh. Their interactions online are certainly a wonderful source of entertainment we don’t deserve!

How Ryan Reynolds Trolled Blake Lively Online

On Thursday, Ryan Reynolds returned in full form to lovingly troll his wife online. He made a joke as response to The New York Post’s story about a woman who claimed to have sex with 20 ghosts and is now engaged to a spirit. To everybody’s interest, the woman has some unlikely resemblance to Blake Lively. While promoting the story, Reynolds wrote that,

THIS is how I find out?

Although Blake Lively did not immediately respond to the tweets, fans had a field day with the joke. Many even commented on how the woman who is supposedly engaged to a ghost looks like Blake Lively. The power couple who got married 6 years back now shares two daughters together. The duo often find creative and clever ways to mock each other in the world of social media. God bless them for doing so.

During an interview, Reynolds once claimed that they were the only people he actually enjoyed making fun of. The married couple don’t take any comment the significant other makes to heart. Later, Blake Lively also shared that they are probably sitting right next to one another when they troll each other. She said that they were both really private people, so they didn’t share much of their private lives. But then again, they were best friends. So they enjoyed having fun with each other without sharing intimate details.

Both of them are definitely our favorite. And Ryan Reynolds’ joke about the Blake cheating on him with a ghost was an ultimate hit on Twitter.

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