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Valkyrae talks about being exposed to “crazy people” as a streamer

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As we all know that being famous comes with its pros and cons. Recently, one of the most popular streamers “Valkyrae” opened up about the horrible and disturbing things she experienced as a streamer. Valkyrae said that the people on the internet can be “crazy”. She also added that some of the people often se*ualize her along with many of her streamer friends on many platforms. The 29-year-old YouTuber shares that she has come across many crazy experiences while being a streamer. She also advised that people should understand there’s a lot to deal with when you become famous.

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Valkyrae shed light on the horrible things that have happened to her.

There isn’t something I have not seen. I have seen everything. I have seen it all. You guys want to hear about some of the terrifying things I have seen? I have actually seen a p*rn video of just two random people, but the title is “Valkyrae and Sykkuno doing blah blah blah.

Valkyrae also added that she has seen many Twitter pages where people were busting photos of her and her friends. I mean, DISGUSTING. The famous YouTuber said that this is one of the huge downsides of being Internet famous. She further added:

It’s like you’re exposed to the crazy people. Like actually exposed to the crazy people.

Valkyrae asks people to be careful

Valkyrae also said that people should be extra cautious on the internet because it’s a very unsafe place, and there is no such thing as internet police. So, sometimes the situation gets really crazy and scary. Valkyrae also said that many of her friends have stalkers and it is unfortunate how common it is. Valkyrae shared her wisdom with people because she thinks that there are many people who want to get into streaming and become content creators. So, these people need to know the negative side of being internet famous.

This doesn’t come as a shock to many people because they have gotten used to the idea of famous people having stalkers and getting called names online. But this is genuinely one of the scariest things that can happen to a person and we hope Valkyrae starts feeling safe on the internet.

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