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Travis Barker still haunted by plane crash that almost took his life

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In a recent interview, American musician, songwriter, and record producer Travis Barker talks about the 2008 plane crash in which he almost lost his life. The Blink-182 drummer has labeled the event as a “wake-up call,” and is grateful to be alive.

Travis Barker has admitted that he suffered from PTSD as a result of surviving the crash in South Carolina. Four of the six people lost their lives in the plane crash, one of the survivors being Adam ‘DJ AM’ Goldstein.

After losing his friend Adam to an accidental drug overdose, Travis decided to open up about his own trauma and pain. He suffered from nightmares for months after the crash. He even spoke to Men’s Health, discussing in length about the event and its aftermath.

The American drummer revealed that he had to undergo therapy sessions for months after the incident.

“I was dark… I couldn’t walk down the street. If I saw a plane (in the sky), I was determined it was going to crash, and I just didn’t want to see it.”

Travis Barker described the agony he felt as he attempted to free his comrades from the jet. And shared that the grief and trauma slowly faded. He admitted that the events “haunted” him for a long time but said he can now go days without thinking about them.

When Adam was alive, the two used each other as therapists. However, after Adam’s death, Travis Barker had to find new ways to cope with his mental battles.

Though after Adam died, Travis had to develop his own ways to cope with the sorrow. Following the crash, he made a significant life change and stopped using narcotics. But the musician has yet to board another airline since that awful accident.

Travis avoids traveling from jets and airplanes, so he usually travels by car, bus, and ship. He does confess, though, that one day he will overcome his fear of flying so that he can return home and tell his children about his triumph. Well, we hope and pray that all of his past traumas end real soon.

Now let’s jump onto what Travis Barker is doing these days? Obviously, busy in creating new music and spending lots of quality time with his new girlfriend, Kourtney Kardashian. Kourtney also shared some pictures a couple of days ago in which she tattooed “i love you” on Travis’s wrist. Isn’t that cute?

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