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Carly Rae Jepsen Expresses Self-Love in New Video ‘Party for One’

First look inside her 2019 album

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If the only reason you remember Carly Rae Jepsen is because of some vague memory of ‘Call Me Maybe’, then you’re missing out! Since her 2015 album, Jepsen has released many creative, hit pop songs that deserve far more recognition. Her new song, ‘Party for One’ is actually the lead single of her forthcoming 2019 album. It’s her first release since her last year’s single ‘Cut to the Feeling’.

Jepsen’s last full-length album was 2015’s ‘Emotion’. She also released a sequel album ‘Emotion: Side B’ in 2016, an EP with cut tracks from the album. But now she has finally returned! In ‘Party for One’, Carly Rae Jepsen explores the joys of self-love and self-care.

Theme of ‘Party for One

The theme of our new breakup anthem, ‘Party for One’, seems to be inspired by ’80s pop music. On the upbeat, bubbly new track, ‘Party for One’, Jepsen learns how to celebrate herself, in spite of heartbreak. Joining her on the track is co-writer Tavish Crowe, who co-wrote her Number One hit ‘Call Me Maybe’ as well as several ‘Emotion’ tracks.

Layered with the nostalgia of heartbreak, the theme of the song, ‘Party for One’, slowly morphs into joy and celebration. Carly Rae Jepsen sings with a voice that immerses listeners into her music, almost as if they were part of it too. Some people even say that Jepsen is on her way to the top of pop music right now!

Meanwhile, ‘Party for One’ is being deemed by the press (and by Carly herself) as a declaration of “self-love”. On one of the track’s verses, she also casually throws shade (presumably at her previous lover):

“Once upon a time I thought you wanted me… Was there no one else to kiss?”

During the choruses, she finds herself “back on my beat”, able to have fun by herself without needing anybody else.

Vision for ‘Party for One’

In his interview with Billboard, the 29-year-old director of the music video, Bardia Zeinali, explained what Carly’s vision for the song was.

According to him, Carly wanted to capture the journey one goes through in their alone time. She liked the idea of having everyone separate, and finding an excuse for everyone to meet at one point. When asked how they decided upon a setting, he said that it initially started out as an apartment.

“But a hotel felt like the type of place where you’re on your own, and it’s liberating to a certain degree. You’re traveling, and you’re out of your comfort zone, sharing walls with strangers who are doing the same thing.”

Zeinali also praised Carly’s ability to stay focused on a vision.

“She’s more like, ‘I want it to feel this way’, versus, ‘I want it to look this way’, or ‘I want it to be edited this way’. It’s more of a reaction. It’s more emotional for her. She’s extremely authentic.”

The Celebration of Self

In the video, Carly Rae Jepsen checks into a hotel by herself for the night. As the video progresses, we see several other people alone in their rooms in the same hotel. Most of them seem to be recovering from some kind of a heartbreak. They dance, cry, eat, put on makeup and generally adjust to their time alone. But before they can get too comfortable, the hotel’s electricity shuts down. This forces them to come out of their room and turn their ‘party for one’ into a party for all.

Perhaps this is symbolic of how one finds the right people when needed. Even though all of them are alone and single, they come together and rejoice in their absurd similarities; being human. At the end, all of them just want to be happy, like any human being.

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