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New Orson Welles Streaming now on Netflix

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The legendary filmmaker Orson Welles left behind an unfinished project when he passed away back in 1985. But the new Orson Welles film was completed by his former collaborators the project is streaming now on Netflix. Not just that, but it is accompanied by a documentary on the film’s original shoot as well as its completion. The movie titled The Other Side of The Wind debuted om Netflix on November 2nd. But those who really want to dig into it must watch They’ll Love Me When I’m Dead first since it will help untangle many mysteries of the new Orson Welles film.

All About The New Orson Welles Film

All those who were in love with the filmmaker are definitely curious about the new Orson Welles movie. Probably the best explanation for film that is streaming now on Netflix would be a meta-drama about Welles. But just with the added touch of barbed wit.

In the new Orson Welles film, John Huston the very popular director of the cinematic classics like The Maltese FalconThe African Queen, and The Treasure of the Sierra Madre is also a part of the cast. He plays Jake Hannaford- the movie director who is celebrating his 70th birthday unaware that it was his last day on Earth. Hannaford is also screening the footage from his latest movie. Apparently, that one is a mock-European “arty” drama about an actor John Dale and a mysterious woman. Bob Random plays the role of John Dale. Oja Kodar who plays the mysterious woman was Orson’s girlfriend and surprisingly co-scripted this new Orson Welles film.

The new film which is streaming now on Netflix is interesting for more than just one reason. The entire Hannaford part is featured so that some of the guests might cast an interest in the film within the film and invest in his movie so he could complete it now. Nonetheless, it might be significantly hard to navigate yourself around the movie for those who don’t know much about Orson Welles. That’s probably the reason the companion documentary They’ll Love Me When I’m Dead is released too.

The new Orson Welles movie and this documentary are streaming now on Netflix. So what is everybody waiting for?

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