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Kendall Jenner’s new Tequila brand facing accusations of cultural appropriation

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Kendall Jenner recently posted a picture on her Instagram in which she announced that her tequila brand has launched in California. In the post, Kendall is dressed like a Mexican. Many people are accusing Kendall of appropriating Mexican culture to sell her tequila. The supermodel is facing a lot of criticism after her tequila ad campaign.

This is not the first time Kendall Jenner did a controversial campaign. Four years ago, she starred in a Pepsi advertisement. In which she hands a police officer a soda can and turns the street protest into celebration. Many people said that the advertisement was tone deaf. Pepsi had to pull the advertisement saying that it “missed the mark”.

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Not too long after, Kendall has again starred in a controversial ad campaign. In this advertisement, the model is wearing braided pigtails and a straw hat. She rides on a horse to a farm in Mexico wearing straw hat on her back. She reaches the farm where 818 tequila is being produced. Moreover, Jenner is also raised a toast to the farmers who grow the brand’s agave.

She captioned one of the pictures on her Instagram :

What an incredible experience i have had thus far. Learning about this beautiful place, the beautiful culture and the beautiful people.

Kendall Jenner is facing a lot of criticism on her new tequila venture

Recently, Jenner is facing a lot of criticism after the launch of her tequila advertisement campaign. Many people on twitter came at her for appropriating Mexican culture.


People did not hesitate on making fun of the star

People seem to be very angry with the whole situation.

Some of the fans even said that they are okay with Jenner’s modeling. However, they draw the line at Tequila.

In-fact, one of the comments were:

Leave it to Kendall to be as tone deaf as possible.

Social media outlets and fans are waiting to hear Kendall’s side of the story. As a public figure, it is her moral duty to give a solid reasoning to the fans. But so far, the supermodel and her social media team have not said anything about the whole situation.

Kendall hosted a party recently where she celebrated the launch of her 818 tequila. What do you guys think about her latest tequila venture? Please let us know in the comments down below.

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