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Tana Mongeau wants to fight ex-girlfriend Bella Thorne

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It’s abundantly clear that there is no love lost between Tana Mongeau and her ex-girlfriend Bella Thorne. Both of them dated each other for a while, however, the fallout was bad enough for there to be bad blood between the two for years. But now, it looks like Mongeau wants to fight Thorne in an actual boxing match, and she already has an offer from the streaming service Triller!

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Tana Mongeau vs Bella Thorne in a boxing ring?

Tana Mongeau wants to fight ex-girlfriend Bella Thorne

While talking to photographer Kevin Wong, Tana Mongeau was quite open about her boxing challenge to Bella Thorne. Mongeau has admitted that she is trying her best for the fight to happen, saying:

I’m trying so hard… I got the most amazing offer from Triller.

Furthermore, Mongeau admitted she has an offer from Triller to stream the fight. Therefore, a fight will certainly happen. But, what she isn’t sure about is if Thorne will participate in this event. Tana Mongeau said:

Of course, of course. I just don’t know if Bella will fight. So, it might be someone else. But, no matter what, Triller has a bag for me so.

Of course, Tana will have to train rigorously to win this match. However, she hasn’t begun her training and only plans to do so once she has signed a contract. She continued, talking to Kevin while she was “high as f*ck,” saying:

The second i sign that contract, dead sober I’m doing it. I’m nervous, everyone’s coming for me right now on TikTok.

When asked if she thought Bella Thorne was nervous to fight her, Tana Mongeau replied:

I don’t know if she’ll accept. Part of me feels like she’s so nervous she might not, but f*ck that b*tch, you know. I don’t like her and honestly, that’s why I think it’ll be a good fight.

Lastly, Tana emphasized on the fact that the bad blood between them will make the fight all the more interesting:

Well, we just don’t get along we dated we had a terrible break up so it’s almost like if we were in a fight, it’d be so much more cause there’s so much anger there.

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A messy past

Officially confirmed in September 2017, the two dated a year after both revealed they were bisexual. The two engaged in an open relationship while together. However, things didn’t stay rosy for long as the two broke up in 2019. Afterward, Tana Mongeau dated Jake Paul which is when things got really messy. Both of them had a public feud on Twitter in June of that year, which then extended to controversy on Bella Thorne’s OnlyFans. To check out the details of their feud, check out our piece below:

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