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Corinna Kopf is willing to fight Tana Mongeau for a cheque

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We are here with another YouTuber Drama! Corinna Kopf and Tana Mongeau are having a beef on social media these days. Both the celebrities are sub tweeting each other. The drama started when some of Tana’s Instagram followers started accusing her of trying to look exactly like the Vlog Squad member Corinna Kopf. Tana Mongeau posted a picture on Wednesday, 15th of April and followers were convinced that this isn’t her at ALL. Many people said that the picture nothing looked like Tana. Logan Paul also accused Tana of trying to look like Kopf.

He said:

That’s Corinna Kopf in the first picture and no one can tell me otherwise

The 22-year-old YouTube star hasn’t commented on the situation yet but this is not the first time she has been called out for posting a totally unrecognizable picture. At the 2019 People’s Choice Awards, Tana posted a picture of her on Instagram. Followers called out the influencer for posting heavily edited pictures. One user even a posted a side-by-side of the unedited picture with the one Tana posted.

Some fans said that Tana is beautiful as she is and she shouldn’t use Facetune (a picture editing app) so much. she never really replied to the criticism she faced in 2019.

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Corrina Kopf challenged Tana to a fight?

Corinna Kopf recently tweeted that she wants to beat the s*** out of Tana Mongeau

In response to which Tana tweeted that she knew Kopf would show up only for the clout.. HMM SHADE

Kopf wasn’t going to stay silent after this tweet from Tana. She quote tweeted Tana’s tweet and said that she will beat her for a check.

This exchange of drama has been entertaining the fans a lot though. I mean, are always up for drama, aren’t they? People seem to be enjoying the drama between Corinna Kopf and Tana Mongeau, but it’s probably all in good fun.

Let’s see if they actually end up fighting though!

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