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Mads Lewis slams Cody Orlove for shading her on his ‘Cancelled’ podcast

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Another day, another celebrity having a public online feud and then they say they don’t want Drama? Sounds suspicious to me. Well today, we have a beef going between Mads Lewis and Cody Orlove (Zoe LaVerne’s ex). In May 2021, Cody released an episode on his podcast “Cancelled” with Kurt Bieberstein in which they talked about some “egoistic influencers”. This list of egoistic influences included Bryce Hall, Mads Lewis and Nessa Barrett.

Cody also said that he’s friends with Charles Gitnick who is Mads Lewis’s ex. Mads dated Charles before she dated Jaden Hossler. Jaden broke up with Mads because apparently he liked Nessa Barrett. Mads went on a Alexa Cooper’s podcast “Call Her Daddy” and discussed what went down with Jaden. She said that a few weeks ago when she was hanging out with Jaden, Nessa and some other friends, she got a gut feeling that something wasn’t right so she went through Jaden’s iPod and found his manager’s voice note in which he advised Jaden to pursue thing with Nessa because both of them had mutual feelings for each other and break up with Mads Lewis. Even though no one officially cheated on anyone, Jaden Hossler did get into a relationship with Nessa Barret after breaking up with Mads Lewis. On the other hand, Nessa Barret was on a break with her boyfriend Josh Richards. Jaden and Nessa got close when they collaborated for the song ‘la di die’.

Cody OrLove shades Mads Lewis

Now, coming to what Cody Orlove said on his podcast. Cody Orlove shared that when he went on a tour with Mads, he would always see her snapping and screaming at Charles Gitnick for not liking and commenting on her social media pictures. Orlove also said that Mads did the same thing with Jaden as well.

Mads got furious that Cody mentioned her in the podcast in such a way. Mads went live on Instagram to talk about the whole situation. She said that she hasn’t seen Cody in two years and “was in a good place in her life” and she doesn’t understand why Cody would say such thing about her.

Mads also added:

Cheers to giving you more views on your “Cancelled” podcast

Mads also said that she can also talk about Cody and his On-again/Off-again relationship with a fellow TikTok star, Zoe LaVerne if she wanted.

Cody hasn’t responded to Mads statement and Mads also went offline after this drama. Let’s see if both of them work things out.

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