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Ben Shapiro Finally Analyses Memes For PewDiePie

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Much to the delight of their fans, YouTube king Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg and conservative commentator Ben Shapiro have finally collaborated. And this happened for an utterly ‘epic’ episode of Meme Review. Ben Shapiro appeared on the extra segment of the show called ‘Bonus Memes.’ There he confessed that PewDiePie had asked him to collaborate to review dank memes. Shapiro then presented his take on the funniest and quirkiest jokes of recent times.

Ben Shapiro Meets PewDiePie

Shapiro; in fact, reviewed memes on himself. And he received all humorous scorn in good spirits. In fact, he even mentioned that he enjoys how people poke fun as Ben Shapiro destroys his liberal adversaries. He then flashed his thermal mug and said ‘leftist tears’. PewDiePie thanked Ben Shapiro for the segment. This also confirmed the rumors about the collaboration that had sparked an internet breakdown in early October. PewDiePie himself too had left quite a few mentions of this potential segment.

He recently said “We need Ben Shapiro hosting the next meme review,” he joked. “That’s the only way.”

One Twitter user screen capped and captioned this statement. He also went ahead to tag Shapiro in his post. Shapiro responded to the possibility with his classic tagline, “Okay, this is epic.” PewDiePie then retweeted the image with the caption, “This is beyond epic.”

PewDiePie Vs. T Series

Recently PewDiePie was in the news for his ongoing subscriber battle with T-Series. The battle was so overwhelming that websites even started their own live subscriber count on their website to see who emerges as the ultimate YouTube king. PewDiePie mentioned that he does not care about his listing in the subscriber count list. His competition with the Indian label T-series escalated the subscribers for both greatly. The race continues for 69 million subscribers. And it is expected that both channels will hit 70 million by December.

Ben Shapiro Talks About Israel

The conservative commentator Ben Shapiro on the other hand, is making statements about Western involvement in Israel. The orthodox Jew has openly announced his dislike for president Trump. And he has also said that he won’t hold back before criticizing the president. He announced his love for Israel recently. The views of Ben Shapiro on the Palestinians have undergone changes. While he was always a staunch Israel supporter, he wrote a column when he was 19 that called to transfer Palestinians out of the West Bank and Gaza, which many of his opponents cite.

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